3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make On Social Media


Have you ever launched a Facebook Ad only to get disappointed by the results?

Are you posting great content on social media but your business still hasn’t grown?

Using social media, or any platform, without linking it to tangible results can be very frustrating for many entrepreneurs. Especially when you’re just starting out online and want to create a bigger presence and get more leads in your business, but yet nothing you are doing seems to do making any difference.

“Experts” say you need to be using Facebook… and Twitter… and Instagram… and all of these other platforms that only makes your head spin. And even if you dive into all of them consistently you might STILL not see an increase in revenue. What the heck is going on?

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What’s even more frustrating is when you hear about other entrepreneurs who’ve “made it” and are gloating about their supreme success with social media and how it’s turned their business from 0 to 6 figures in lightning speed time. They’re living the life YOU want to live but why is it so hard? Are they lying when they say social media has helped them achieve their results?

Probably not. They are just using social media the right way – the way that actually drives results.

While there are a lot of best practices and things you can do to get more results with social media, today I wanted to focus on outlining three most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make on social media that ultimately lead them to want to grunt and moan in defeat.

Mistake #1: Not having a strategy

One of the most common things I see with entrepreneurs, new and seasoned, is their lack of strategy when it comes to social media. I’ve worked with countless small businesses who think that “just posting on Facebook” is enough to be considered a strategy.

I’ve worked with BIG companies who shall remain unnamed, who provide a “strategy” that is really no strategy at all. There seems to be an overall confusion around what a strategy even IS and why you need one.

A strategy for social media should outline how, what, why, when, and for whom you are using a particular channel. Who are you targeting with your messages? Why are you doing it? How are each of the campaign type posts going to help you move toward your overall goals? And speaking of goals.. what ARE they? How are you measuring your success?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself to get clarity before moving forward with creating a social media strategy and plan that actually works.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make around social media is using it aimlessly, without a strategy. Here are 2 others. (tweet this!twitter-icon 

Mistake #2: Not using Ads

Do you ever get frustrated about not getting referrals, traffic, or sales from social media?

I hear this frustration all the time from business owners in all different industries. But when I ask them what they’ve done to acquire that traffic or leads or sales, they look at me blankly.

“What do you mean? Like, what am I posting? I’m posting all the time…. I think?”

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Is that ALL you’re doing? It might be hard to hear but guess what, social media (especially Facebook) is not free. Not anymore. Sure, we all remember the good ol’ days where you could get a crapton of traffic by just posting something to your Facebook page but those days are long gone. You now have to pay to have your stuff be seen by most of your followers on Facebook.

Okay, when you’re done fuming that there’s no workaround here, take a deep breath and realize that if you want to get any sizable success from Facebook in a shorter amount of time is using Facebook Ads.


I realize that the concept of Advertising scares many people. But truly it’s not as scary as it sounds. First of all – as an entrepreneur, you have to invest to get a return. It’s just how it works. And those overnight successes you hear about that went viral without any Ad money spent on marketing themselves? They are the exception. Would you rather bet on being the exception or would you rather pull yourself by the bootstraps, run some damn ads and start getting leads and growing your business online TODAY?

Yeah.. I think the ladder sounds like a better choice. So don’t be afraid of Facebook ads. They don’t bite. And they’re easier to set up than you think.


Mistake #3: No marketing funnel

Okay so you have a strategy for posting and using social media and you’re doing Facebook ads… but you’re still not seeing results. What’s wrong?

My next question would be around your funnel. Do you have one?

What are you using your Facebook Ads to drive traffic to? Just doing Facebook ads for the sake of doing them isn’t enough as you probably already realize, you need a strategy and a plan for it to drive the results you want.

For example, I see Facebook ads popping up on my feed that drive people to a sales page for some product.

Have you done this before? How did that convert for you?

If you have an e-commerce business and are running some kind of a flash sale or promotion geared toward your current audience, this might drive some sales. But it’s still going to be a much less of a number than you’d usually get from email. And if you have a service-based business or sell information products? Forget about it.

Why? Because there’s no funnel. You are getting complete strangers to a sales page of yours and expect them to buy right away. Would YOU buy something you came across on Facebook from someone you’ve never heard of? And don’t be a rebel now saying “yes I would” because DATA does not lie. The fact is – it’s extremely difficult to convert COLD traffic into sales.

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It’s a waste of money. It’s a waste of time. Unless you are targeting a custom audience comprised of your subscribers already, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

Plus, once they get there and leave, they are gone. You don’t get the opportunity to reach out to them and have a conversion and grow that “know, like, trust” factor that’s necessary in a business-client relationship that eventually turns to a sale.

Do you see the problem here? Without a funnel, without getting people to a page where you can collect their information FIRST and then showing them who you are and THEN making an offer, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.. plus throwing it away in the trash since the money you’re spending on Ads isn’t creating a return.


No one likes to throw money away, definitely not me and I know you don’t either.

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So what can you do?

You can create a smart marketing campaign and a funnel that WORKS. Determine your goals, your audience, what your campaign is and what the ultimate goal is as well as the key performing indicators. Remember, that social media is an ever-changing animal that needs to be used the way it’s meant to, from a user perspective.

If you’d like to get more results with your business through digital marketing that WORKS. I invite you to not wait and take the next step and learn how working with a consultant like me can help you take your business to the next level.


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