35 Funny Pick Up Lines for Marketing Nerds

Yesterday my friend sent me a hilarious list of funny pick up lines written by his acquaintance about Ed Tech. While some of them were hilarious, I didn’t understand some of them since I’m not in Ed-Tech… so that obviously sent me on a search to find marketing pick up lines. Obviously. Because what’s better than a terrible pick up line?


Heads up.. My ideal client is a woman entrepreneur. So I realize most of my ideal clients probably won’t understand a lot of these pick up lines since they are for marketing nerds BUT they were too good I couldn’t NOT compile these together, if not for myself then for my colleagues. And besides, as you learn marketing from me as we work together, you’ll begin to understand more of these and find them hilarious too.

35 Funny Pick Up Lines for Marketing Nerds <– these are hilarious! via @xokammie (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

So enjoy these funny pick up lines for marketing nerds, ladies (and gents). May your next hot date get acquired successfully (how can it NOT? 😉 haha.

“If men were landing pages, I’d only want to convert on you.”

“You could spam me all night and I still wouldn’t unsubscribe.”

funny pick up lines for marketing nerds

“What do you say we bounce like a bad email?”

“I love you like a marketer loves reporting.” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“You’re like a style guide … you add consistency to my life.”

“Baby, you can give me a call-to-action anytime …”


“I don’t need to look at more data. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.”

“Do you have a privacy policy? Cause I’d love to see your fine print.”

“Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“How would you like to make a 301 redirect to my heart?”


“You must be an inbound marketer … cause you sure attracted me!”

“What do you say we opt-out of here and opt-in to my jacuzzi?” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.”

“What do you say we wrap up this blog post back at my place?”

“If I told you you had a nice pipeline, would you hold it against me?” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“You must be an SEO expert, because you rank #1 on my list!”


“Hey girl, if you were a piece of content, I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone.”

“You’re like an exact keyword, that’s an exact match for me” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“If I said you have a beautiful blog, would you press it against me?”


“If you let me be your UV, I’ll give you a bounce rate you’ll enjoy”

“You’re like a PR9 that just gets better with age”

“Girl, I don’t need to do any A/B testing with you”

funny pick up lines for marketing nerds with ryan gosling

“You’re so fine, you deserve your own hashtag”

“Want to know the difference between Google, and a night of passion with me? With Google, you only get two o’s.” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“I just took a mental picture of you and gave it some really naughty ALT tags.”

“If you index mine, I’ll index yours.”

“I’m not saying I’m a sure thing, but in the last 2 weeks my pants have a 100% open rate. #guarantee”

“I found you on my “qualified” email list, does that mean we can skip the foreplay?”

“I’d like to see if your spam can make it through my filter…” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon


“Is that a Call To Action in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon

“How would you like to bounceback to my room?”

“I couldn’t help but notice that when our eyes met, we had a 100% click rate.”

“Trust me babe….I have 100% deliverability rate and my reputation is perfect”

“Can I opt you into my life?”

“Wanna start a lifetime value together?” (Tweet This!) twitter-icon


Soo.. some of these are obviously better for dudes than they are for ladies, but regardless, I hope these made you laugh as much as they did me. 🙂

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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