5 Ways to Use Facebook Effectively in 2015

Facebook got you down? I don’t blame you. With new updates and changes coming so frequently, it’s hard to keep up with what works and doesn’t work for businesses on Facebook. I put together 5 ways you can use Facebook effectively (and get great results!) in 2015.

Cause most of the advice from 2014 is already outdated.


Let me give it to you straight.

Facebook continues to change. They won’t stop. (Can’t stop, won’t stop) Can you blame them? They’re a business! Of course they want to make money. Why WOULDN’T you monetize on the fact that businesses do (and will continue to) use the platform. Additionally, they have one of the most complex and comprehensive insights and data on people ANYWHERE. This is legit.

Zuck is set for life, as are his kids and his grandkids (I don’t even know if he’s got any of those… but that’s besides the point). But as the smart man he is, I’m sure he knows Facebook will eventually die, as most things do.

Remember Myspace? That was the shit back in the day, as was Xanga, and MSN. But today? Kiddos don’t even know what those things are! But they were TRENDY as HECK back then. And if you think about it, Myspace was just a COUPLE of years ago.. but feels like SO much longer.

So as you see, Zuck isn’t to blame for all the changes. He’s making the most of what he’s got. Who can blame him? It’s not like the advertising platform he provides sucks (quite the opposite). He’s just found a way to monetize in a way that works for him.

But before this turns into a full blown tangent, I’m going to go ahead and share 5 ways that you can start using Facebook today to get results in 2015. Cause no one needs outdated advice.

5 Ways to Use Facebook Effectively in 2015

I recommend you read the text below as it talks about some other things than are just mentioned in the video. I tend to do my videos and then not write the post like 2 weeks later (who knows why) so I came up with more stuff to add to some of these tips. Enjoy!

1. Post videos!

And to be more specific – use Facebook’s native video streaming. That is, don’t upload your videos to YouTube and then share that link on Facebook (that will actually get even less organic reach than a regular link would). Upload your videos directly to Facebook and you’ll be amazed at how much organic reach the post will get on you Facebook page. It’s nuts! Take advantage of this while it’s still a thing. Who knows how soon Facebook will back away from all the “free reach” they’re giving businesses by using this.

Similarly if you are going to do advertising – play around with doing some video ads. They can end up being quite cheap (and often even cheaper than regular clicks to website ads). Plus, for each of these video ads, you have the ability to display a Call-to-Action that shows up as it plays, making the direction from video to your website seamless and attractive. And lastly, many people still have videos autoplaying on their newsfeeds both on desktop and mobile – making it even easier for your video to be seen by people (plus, it’s eye catching! Things moving on screen without the user having to click! Boom! It might be disruptive but it sure is effective.)

What’s the reason for this bump in reach for native videos? Well think about who own Youtube – it’s Google. Facebook and Google are the top dogs right now. Facebook doesn’t want Google to be the TOP top dog. Understandable. It’s to the point that if you want to run a clicks-to-website ad that drives people to your YouTube channel to subscribe, even if you upload the correct size for the image in Power Editor, it will STILL show up as a tiny thumbnail, not the full image, so that it discourages people from clicking.

Yep, it’s that bad.

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2. Use Facebook strategically

One of the most common mistakes that many small business owners make is hiring a social media manager, or a VA (or doing it themselves) and just “posting” on Facebook. Just posting. They think they’re creating a presence, but really, they are just posting stuff for the sake of posting stuff.

They don’t have a bigger strategy in mind when using Facebook which is a big no-no when you want to be effective using the platform, not to mention smart with the money you spend. If you’re going to be using Facebook to grow your “likes” just for the sake of looking like you have an audience, I want you to think twice.

Do you really wanna put your money, time, and effort into building your community on just Facebook? If your answer is yes, let me rephrase that: Do you really want to be putting your money, time, and effort into building a community on a platform that you have no access to and that will require you to pay MORE money to actually reach said community? That’s what I thought (I’m hoping you said “no” this time).

So what’s a good focus or strategy to use Facebook for? List building. Use your Facebook page to help grow your list outside of the platform, so that way when Facebook goes away, you still have a way to reach those people and stay connected to them directly – without having to rely on a social media app or on spending extra money to reach them.


3. Use Facebook Ads!

I already kinda talked about Facebook ads above but that’s simply because they WORK. If you have a business and you want to grow your list and make money online, this is the fastest way to get yourself in front of your potential clients and customers! Not only is the Facebook advertising platform VERY effective in reaching the right people, they continually change and adapt it to make it even more helpful and useful to advertisers.

I, for one, use Facebook ads pretty much every single day for myself as well as my clients and I LOVE them! If you are already using Facebook ads but not a ton, I definitely recommend getting more used to the platform, especially using the Power Editor to create the ads. It’s just so powerful, plus it’s one of the cheapest ways to do advertising online! And if you’re being strategic with your advertising and have a funnel in place, this can really bring plenty of clients your way.

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4. Participate in Facebook Groups

I just love Facebook groups, they make Facebook all worth the time. I have met amazing people, clients, and collaborators through Facebook groups. They rock. If you don’t use them yet, get on it. We have a wonderful Facebook group that just launched for our readers here called Modern Entrepreneurs Lounge (join us there! Yes, this is a shameless plug).

Not only are Facebook groups great for getting support and connecting, they can be a place to learn and get feedback as well. It’s like a discussion forum (remember those?) except there are less trolls and it’s not anonymous.

Before you dive into groups though, just make sure you don’t go in with the sole intent of spamming. Don’t just link dump. We understand you have a sweet business and awesome promotions going on but don’t spam people with them. Follow each groups’ rules and guidelines and be a good group member 🙂

5. Use your Facebook profile as a marketing tool

I recently wrote about whether your Facebook profile is unintentionally turning away potential clients and I definitely recommend you check it out if you use your personal Facebook profile to promote yourself as well, especially if you are active in Facebook groups.

While I’ve noticed that the reach on Facebook profiles has gotten down, it still is higher than Facebook pages typically (depending on how many friends you’re with) and whether you are friends with people who could be your potential clients. Don’t spam people either, just as you wouldn’t do with Facebook groups – promote yourself sparingly, I’m sure your real-life friends don’t wanna see all of your promos and deals all the time either so just post relevant content and be a real human aside from going all profeshh on your profile.

A healthy balance is a good balance 🙂

So that’s what I got for ya! Hope it helps you in making the most out of Facebook. If you wanna get your marketing figured out and getting more traffic, more sales, and more SUCCESS – hit me up. Let’s chat and see how I can help you move forward this year online.

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