7 Essential Elements of a Super Share-worthy Article


Modern media is a great method to distribute articles. More and more people are relying on digital publishers to get their daily dose of what’s going on around the world instead of reading about it in a newspaper.

The main reason is that online news is easily accessible and stories are published in real-time. All kinds of updates from different parts of the world are readily available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a trackpad. Better yet, if you find something interesting, it’s so much easier to share that article over social media than it is to show your friend a newspaper clipping.

The easiest way for an article or writer to gain popularity and recognition is with a finished piece that’s share-worthy. Here are seven elements to include in your writing to ensure that your article falls under that category.

1) It Has An Intriguing Title

The first step in creating a share-worthy article is making sure people actually read it. The title of your article is important because it’s what grabs people’s attention. Titles work best when they’re enticing and they stand out by describing what the article is about without being too vague.

Give enough detail in your title to capture the reader’s interest so that they want to read the rest. A title that is too vague or considered clickbait (a title that eggs on the audience to find out more about a story) is likely to be scrolled past by someone looking for a quality source of news or credible information. Your title needs to be creative while also explaining the subject.


2) It Provides Value

A share-worthy article always provides some sort of value to the reader. It isn’t only hard-hitting new articles that get shared.

This means your article must educate, inform, entertain or inspire in some way. Different audiences will have different tastes, but if your article contains valuable information and not just some hurriedly put-together bits of information and opinion, then you are one step closer to creating a super share-worthy article.


3) It Needs To Be Engaging

This point piggybacks off the previous one because a good article provides valuable information that’s engaging throughout the piece. If a reader gets to the end of your article without feeling like they forced themselves to slog through the words and they also feel like they’ve learned something helpful, then they’ll be more likely to share your article.

A share-worthy article keeps readers engaged and interested throughout – not just in the title and introduction. You don’t want to hook your reader right away and then have that person get bored halfway through and stop reading. At that point, they’re lost. Once you have them, keep them by ensuring your article is informative and entertaining.


4) It’s Relevant And Draws People In

Popular and share-worthy articles are those that stick to the times. While articles about things like historical events may be interesting, people aren’t likely to share those because they aren’t about something current.

You need to have articles about what matters to people today. And, those articles need to speak to their audience and explore issues in a manner that’s relevant to the reader. Remember: A good article will draw people in by promising information about something that they may be dealing with today or making headlines now.


5) It Evokes Emotion

People share articles because of how the article made them feel. Perhaps the information was surprising and shocking, so the reader feels compelled to share it with their friends and family.

Maybe the article evoked a sense of empathy for the subject that the reader feels everyone they know should also experience. Or, possibly you injected humor in your article that kept your audience laughing and now they want to share that laughter. An emotional response to a piece of writing is a precursor to a successful, super share-worthy article.


6) It Follows An Easy-To-Read Structure

A share-worthy article doesn’t make a reader work hard to follow it. That article also doesn’t bore the reader with massive paragraphs of information.

Bold font and numbered lists (like in this article) divide information so readers can more easily follow the flow of the article. That allows the reader to skim the article before reading it to determine if they’re really interested in the information. It also provides numerous entry points so the reader may find something in one of the sections that they can relate to and read. If your point connects well, they’re likely to read the rest of the article.


7) It’s Well Promoted

This step occurs after you’re finished writing. You need to kick-start your article’s share-ability by promoting it.

The best way to do this, especially if you don’t currently have a big fan base, is to get your family and friends to post it on their social media accounts so that your article can begin to spread. Post links to your article on any blogs or other websites you have to increase views.

A super share-worthy article appeals to a wide range of audiences. The most important thing to remember is that your article needs to contain well-written information that entertains or helps audiences in some way. The best way to determine what’s super share-worthy in your field is by putting your best out there, so get writing!


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