Ready to rock the online realm and {finally} rake in the revenue and results you crave? You got it.

You’re a passionate, creative human. You’ve got big goals, massive dreams, a killer message (read: movement-in-the-making) and an unquenchable desire to make a damn difference.

You’re ready to soar above six figure status (and beyond), create a solid platform to profit from your passion, make a monster impact on the planet and cultivate a kick ass community who hangs on your every word and devours what you sell.

Basically? You’re ready to scale up and BLOW UP.

Here’s the deal, though:

If you want to create a business that makes dollars and {your} dreams come true, it has to happen by design, not default.

Your dream business – the one that maxes out your monthly PayPal allowance, lands you features in national glossies and gets people sharing your stuff like crazy – won’t happen without good, solid marketing systems in place.

It won’t happen by lurking in Facebook groups with no plan, exhaustedly cranking out content that doesn’t bring in sales, or letting potential clients slip through your fingers because you don’t have anything in place to turn your prospects into (loyal) purchasers.

But once you get that just-right-for-your-business marketing on lock? All of that changes.

And – you guessed it! – that’s where I come in. :)

Hi, I’m Kamila Gornia,

Digital marketing strategist for modern, passion-driven entrepreneurs who wanna get seen + get paid for doing what they they love – online.

I’ve been in the digital game for over 10 years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this:

With the right marketing in place, anything is possible.

To date, I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners with heart behind their hustle make the next-level income and impact they deserve by strategizing and implementing practical marketing systems.

(I’ve also got a killer lineup of DIY e-courses that teach my tried-and-true tactics for rapidly creating recurring revenue – say that five times fast!)

And while I know the term “marketing” can scare the pants off even the savviest business owner, I like to think of it like this: Marketing is getting your message in front of the people who need it so you can truly SHINE, share your gifts with the world and make epic sales around the clock. (Feels sooo much better, amiright?)

Listen: I believe you deserve to make mad money from your gifts and talents. And I KNOW the right marketing will get you there.

So if what you wanna do is grow your business, broadcast your message to a bigger audience, make your content go viral or automate your back-end so you’re never chasing clients or cash again, I’ve got your back.

Click below to learn how we can start scaling your business and attracting an audience of raving fans who “get” it.



First website & kid CEO

March 1, 2002

I launched my first website, a manga scanlation site (translating comics from Japanese & English into Polish) as a wee 12-year-old and grew it to 40K views in under 5 months and even managed a virtual staff of people who volunteered to support the growth.

Successful photography business

August 11, 2009

I ran a successful photography business 2009 to 2014 (and scored 80% of my clients from social media).

Worked in corporate world

January 7, 2012

Even later, I worked my tail off in the marketing agency world, including a stint at a corporate ad agency as community manager and social media/email marketing strategist. This is when I got really obsessed with branding, business development, list-building and all the ways biz owners can create consistent revenue without losing their shit.

Built blog with over 100k views

December 7, 2012

Later, I ran a successful wellness blog with over 45,000 monthly readers and 100K views per month and ended up selling it for thousands of dollars.


March 1, 2016

And today, I run a successful digital marketing consulting & education company where we help modern businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their presence, make more money, and truly blow up online so they can become leaders in their field. And I freaking LOVE it!

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