rock your reach, revenue and
results to #blowuponline
For badass, ballsy, budding entrepreneurs ready to stop messing around and get your name on the map FAST...

... even if you're in a super saturated market, and not "techy" or "marketing savvy"
you know you need to market yourself if you want people to see you as an expert...
but where the f are you supposed to start?
If right now you are...
  • Clueless about where and how to market yourself so you actually grow your business (and not just shrink your wallet)?
  • Overwhelmed with a capital O by all the options for putting yourself out there (“What do I do first? Create an opt-in? Start a blog? Set up an Instagram? Oh, the madness!”)
  • Freaked out by all the technology you think you’ll have to master to (finally) put a megaphone to your message and get heard?
  • Invisible, ignored and hella insecure about your business?
But you imagine...
  • Five people tagging YOUR name anytime someone asked for “the best” coach/consultant in a Facebook group
  • Your inbox teeming with telesummit, podcast and guest blog requests (holla!)
  • Your email list exploding by dozens (or even hundreds) every week 
  • Getting booked out with OMG-so-freaking-perfect clients you're in LOVE with
  • Knowing EXACTLY WHAT and HOW to create content so you’re seen as an expert in the eyes of perfect-for-you clients 
  • Being the ultimate, go-to authority on insert-your-niche-here...without going broke (or crazy) in the process
then I gotta tell you 
You just gotta STOP focusing on DOING IT ALL and start focusing on DOING WHAT WORKS for YOUR business.

Hi, I’m Kamila Gornia, digital marketing strategist for passionate, driven entrepreneurs who are ready to blow up and scale up online so they can become true thought leaders in their space.

And in case you didn’t know, I’ve pretty much had a lifelong career in digital marketing. From the age of 12 on, I’ve been marketing online and managed to create not one, but THREE profitable businesses before age 26 (in addition to other online ventures before that, but who’s counting?)

Oh, and I’ve also helped 100s of clients book themselves solid, replace or double their corporate salaries (and quit their corporate jobs foreva), pull in thousands of hot leads (on zero ad spend) and become Amazon bestsellers.

So there’s that. ;)
“That’s awesome. And of course I want more reach, more revenue and more results. But I’ve tried things and none of that has happened. So WTF, Kamila?”
Well, this might be a bitter pill to swallow (and I say this with love) but most business owners are approaching learning about online marketing ALL wrong.

Not sure what I mean? Then keep reading...
They take courses that teach #allthethings – or nothing
Digital marketing courses usually fall into 2 camps: 1) vague, generic and just gloss over the topic at hand (and leave you thinking, “Dude, I could’ve just Googled that. WTF.”) OR 2) try to cram EVERY. SINGLE. POSSIBLE. MARKETING. STRATEGY. Into a 4 or 6-week course. 

So you either end up learning nothing, or feeling crazy overwhelmed.

And you know what happens when you’re overwhelmed?
You don’t take action. 
You don’t see results. 
And then you’re not just a sad panda, but a broke one, too.

After creating dozens of high-end, sold-out programs myself, I know that valuable courses find a happy medium.

Quality programs are specific and concise, but still go deep enough to give people the information they need.

It ain't easy, but it IS possible.
They choose solutions that are ALL WRONG for their business
The digital marketing world IS full of strategies, but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for YOU and YOUR business.

Different things work for different businesses, depending on the niche, stage in business and type of client.

Like, have you ever taken a course on say, Pinterest, because it totally rocked your #bizbestie’s interior design business, but didn’t do shit for you as a life coach?


The truth is, what works for one business CAN’T guarantee results across the board.

The best solutions are more personalized. 

They don’t lead everyone through the same path, and they look at things like how old the business is, the industry it’s in and the ideal clients it’s out to serve.

Real results happen when business owners get more personalized marketing help. Period.
They’re learning from the WRONG people
Just because somebody read 100 books on a topic or did something for themselves (once), doesn’t make them an instant expert.

Sure, that chick talking about six-figure marketing funnels DID make it rain in her own biz. But has she gotten results for clients – with different industries and different business models? That’s the real question. And it’s one that chick probably doesn’t wanna answer, if you catch my drift. ;) 

If you want real results, you want to learn from someone who’s résumé includes clients besides herself.

That’s the sign of a true expert. 

You might want to learn from someone who’s worked with hundreds of clients for over a decade. (Wink, wink. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.) Just saying.
They don’t finish the courses they start
Did you know almost 95% of people who buy online courses NEVER finish ‘em? 

That’s a pretty dismal number.  I chalk it up to a few things. 

One: Most courses just plain suck. They’re total snoozefests with lessons that read like a bad Wikipedia article or videos that go on and on like one of those cheesy movies from the 80’s from high school science class.

Two: Even if a course has good content, doing the work STILL sucks. Most of the time, there’s nothing and nobody holding you accountable – or rewarding you – so why bother, right?

I’ve done my research into how the human brain works and the fact is, we need external motivation to get shit done. If we’re not getting small wins along the way while taking a course, we’re gonna check out.

The best programs are FUN and EXCITING and practically ADDICTIVE to work on! Which means they’re loaded with brilliant, unique content, accountability and some kind of reward or “fun factor.” 

Cause let’s be real: If we’re left to our own devices, we’re SO gonna end up watching cat videos instead of doing the work. (I mean, cats jumping into boxes and fitting perfectly? WAY more entertaining!)

They take courses to LEARN, not take ACTION
Most courses were created to TEACH you something, not make you DO something.

So? When you sign up for a new course, you’re in LEARN mode, not ACTION mode. 

But….you’re taking the program because you want it to actually change your life or business, right?

Not just so you can learn some new cool things… and then do nothing about them.

Action = results. And a good program will FORCE you to take action, not just soak up the information and file it away under “someday.”
So, now I’m sure you’re wondering,
“Well then...sounds like most courses suck, and I’ve been going about this all backasswards. So, Kamila, what exactly is a big-hearted business owner
supposed to do when all I wanna do is…
Get (MAD) attention
Get (SUPER WELL) known
Get (PASSIONATELY) recommended
and raved about
Well, good news: There IS a solution. And I created it just for you.
The FIRST and ONLY interactive online marketing program that shows you how to build influence and become a go-to expert quickly (even if you’re in a super saturated niche, feel invisible or totally suck at marketing or tech stuff).
If you’re a badass, ballsy and brilliant service-based entrepreneur who wants to stop messing around with marketing that isn’t putting your message (or mug) on the map, Authority Launcher is FOR YOU.
Authority Launcher is a personalized + interactive online program designed to show you EXACTLY how to set up the core marketing foundations you need to brand yourself as an expert (almost) overnight.
Authority Launcher will show you how to:
  • Focus on the right marketing strategies for your unique business – tried-and-tested ones that elevate peeps in YOUR industry to expert status 
  • Showing up online, consistently + effectively, that takes you from nobody’s-listening to a name-everybody-knows
  • Supercharge your influence, income and impact online 
faster than you ever thought possible.
Which means? Instead of spending 30 hours a week throwing shit at the (Facebook) wall hoping people notice you, you can devote your valuable time to JUST the marketing activities PROVEN to move businesses like yours forward.

So? Your days of...
  • Wasting time on strategies that don’t matter 
  • Wasting cash trying out fancy tools and systems you don’t need 
  • Getting wasted because you’re so frustrated ;) 
... Are OVER!

If you want to set up the RIGHT marketing for your business RIGHT from the get go – and shave months or even years off this often tedious, time (and wallet) consuming process while you watch other businesses boom – this is for YOU.  
Here’s the deal-io: AL is NOT your typical online program.

It’s the ONLY truly interactive program out there that gives you personalized marketing strategies based on where you are and where you want to go with YOUR business – in a digital course format.

Say whaaa?!

Yep. This is NOT another course that takes you (and every other biz owner who signs up) through the same cookie cutter strategies.

You will NOT get a one-size-fits-all, blanket strategy here.  

And I will NOT pump you full of more information than you could ever implement that might not even be right for your niche or stage in business.

Authority Launcher’s interactive format is set up to take you through specific “personalization triggers” so it gets to “know” your business as you move through the program.

And then? It automagically designs a unique, sophisticated course experience JUST for you

Which means? You don’t see what every other AL user sees. You ONLY work on the strategies YOU need to implement to go from invisible to influential. 

And? You’ll get REAL RESULTS in HALF THE TIME with HALF THE EFFORT, because you won’t spend half your day half-assedly implementing strategies that aren’t made for your business! (That’s a lot of halves, isn’t it?) 

Think of it like your own personalized roadmap for building authority through online marketing. Cha-ching!
Forget information overload. AL is all about information implementation.

The interface actually looks and responds like a game. Which means you have to ninja your way through one module before you can move onto the next. Yes. FOR REAL.

(And here I mean “ninja” as in taking action and ticking off the things I tell you to do – I don’t mean you actually have to karate chop people or wear a face mask. Unless you’re into that.)

Because you can’t get access to the next module until you knock out the one you’re on, you’re FORCED to level up, one step at a time, at your own pace, through step-by-step support so you're NEVER confused or overwhelmed. 

You won’t just watch a training on webinars, you’ll get the EXACT ACTION STEPS you need to CREATE one so people are fangirling all over you – BEFORE you even complete the module!
From fabulous free challenges to wildly successful webinars, Authority Launcher breaks down the most effective marketing strategies for YOUR business into easy-to-digest “levels.”

Each level focuses on just ONE marketing strategy. And the entire program is designed JUST for budding business owners, so you don’t have to be a tech goddess or marketing maven to follow along + make this shit work.

Nope. You won’t find long ass videos full of jargon or high-level tech speak here, boo.

Just short, sweet, SIMPLE marketing strategies that anyone with ANY level of tech-savvy can put into action. Woop!
Ready to (seriously) shorten the time it takes to go from unseen to superstar online?

 Let’s do this.

"Less than a month into working with Kamila, I started getting discovery calls with ideal clients from my new sales funnel... and I sold my first 4 figure coaching package and hit over 1000 subscribers on my list!"
- Jennifer Dent, Health Coach
Kamila is, hands down, THE coach you want to have in your corner of the ring when it comes to online marketing. In less than a month, she helped me build my list on a new program, The Corporate Dance Maven, from 50 to 550 people. There is no way I could have grown our community this quickly by myself. With her help was able to enroll 15 people in our beta online course. What’s even more exciting is that hail from all around the world – from Australia, to Amsterdam to Reno. Don’t wait till you “have the money” to get help. I highly recommend working with Kamila at the beginning of your next big launch.
- LeeAnn Mallorie, Leading In Motion
“I manifested working with Kamila! She was a lifesaver, she showed up right on time when I needed her: 3 months into working together, we'd grown my list by 600%, I launched my first course around my book, and landed on Amazon best-sellers list within days of being published from building an engaged tribe!”
- Suzanne Adams, best-selling author of Musings of an Earth Angel
"Kamila's program was definitely worth the money and absolutely gets results! I doubled my list size to 1000 - doubled revenue - way more effective marketing results! I loved that Kamila was available for questions in the FB group. and of course her excellent teachings. Kamila is super knowledgeable - a total expert - and easy to talk to! I highly recommend her!
- Emma O'Sullivan, Woman on Fire Coach
Be an icon tomorrow.
or 4 monthly payments of $297
  • Full Access to Authority Launcher system (value $2,500)
  • Lifetime Access + Free Updates to the AL system (value $Priceless)
  • Step-by-Step Personalized System to Get You Taking Action
  • Monthly Amplified Expert Training Calls for 5 months (value $1,000)
  • Bonus Classes on all things social media, content, and more (value $1,000)
SAVE $1,000! 
(Reg. $1997)
Here's How the Authority Launcher System Looks Like....
Level 1 - FROM DREAMER TO DOER: Your Influence Infrastructure
Goal: Define who you are as a leader so you become unforgettable

  • Adopt the authority mindset secrets for amplified success in business
  • Identify exactly what makes you stand out in your industry (for more profit!)
  • Establish your Authority Branding strategy so you can play like the BIG NAMES (without spending thousands of dollars on a branding agency)
  • Develop a hot 100% customized brand identity so you become unforgettable online and attract high quality clients to you with more ease and flow
  • Begin growing a raving audience (yes, this works even without a website!)
  • Uplevel your website (if you have one) using specific Authority Triggers to attract more discovery calls, enroll more high-end clients, and bring in more opportunities across the board
Level 2 - HIDDEN GEM: Mastering Momentum
Goal: Become a content machine that influences and impacts the world

  • Overhaul your offers and packages for maximum profitability (and alignment with your brilliance) so your ideal clients get huge results (and rave about you for months!)
  • Create a killer authority content strategy so you never run out of content ideas (ever!) and you position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche in half the time
  • Authority connection "hacks" to creating consistently viral-worthy content that skyrockets the connection your ideal prospects feel with you, making them READY to buy and spread the word about you 10X as fast
  • Master the art of video marketing (even if you’ve been camera shy before) to get seriously known online (and shared like crazy!) hello #fangirls!
Level 3 - RISING STAR: Captivate Your Community
Goal: Grow your email list of red HOT prospects & vibe with your tribe

  • Create the RIGHT killer irresistible lead magnets that expose your expertise, so that joining your email list is a total no-brainer for your ideal clients
  • Whip up engaging autoresponders and sales funnels that keeps your readers thirsting for more (and refreshing their inbox multiple times a day)
  • Set up your systems without batting an eye (yes, even if you're not techy!) and drive major traffic in unique ways (adding thousands of leads? Yes please!)
Level 4 - CONNECTED CEO: Success by Association 
Goal: Create a viral giveaway to grow your list and create awe-worthy relationships with other brands people admire

  • Setting up the RIGHT giveaway based on your unique business so you can generate a huge buzz (and get tons of subscribers who stick around!)
  • Lock down the right sponsors that’ll make your readers do a double take
  • Set it up so it’s sexy and streamlined and you can deliver without a hitch
  • What needs to happen before, during, after to ensure a successful giveaway that most entrepreneurs get wrong
Level 5 - TRAILBLAZER: First Class Leverage  
Goal: Create your first or next live training or webinar to grow and sell

  • Connect and sell through classes, webinars & audio classes - based on your unique personality
  • Come up with tantalizing titles and time-reducing templates to double your results in half the time
  • Set up the right offers to make your ideal clients take out their credit cards in a frenzy and BEG to buy
  • Becoming known as the thought leader who gets recommended for your brilliance that shows
Level 6 - LIMITLESS: Free Challenges to Engage and Launch 
Goal: Create a killer free challenge to load your list with hot leads before your launch

  • Choose the challenge format that’s perf for your peeps based on your unique goals
  • Exact promotion plan to get your ideal people in the ‘digital’ door
  • Turning strangers into ravings fans that engage AND buy from you
  • Creating a challenge that brings you HOT leads and discovery calls booked every month, like clockwork
Level Up with Authority Launcher
Ready to go from hidden gem to shining star, step-by-step? 
Social Media Authority
Social media is a goldmine for finding the perfect ideal clients, but it’s a matter of using it CORRECTLY that matters. Discover how to use EACH platform to its maximum benefit, with less hustle, to become an authority faster.
Writing Copy that Converts
Learn my ninja tricks to using ads to get loads of HOT HOT HOT leads in your business (without spending thousands of dollars). Don’t have much $$ to spend? No worries. I’ll show you how to maximize your spend even if you can only do a few bucks per day.
Facebook Ads Authority
Learn my ninja tricks to using ads to get loads of HOT HOT HOT leads in your business (without spending thousands of dollars). Don’t have much $$ to spend? No worries. I’ll show you how to maximize your spend even if you can only do a few bucks per day.
Content Captivation System
The easiest way to lose a fan? Write boring content! In fact, most entrepreneurs have no idea how to write with personality, so their content is engaging, FUN, and so readable, people save it and re-read it again later. I’m sharing my best ways to make it easy, even if you’re not a writer!
Video Marketing Rockstar
Feeling shy or self-conscious about going on video? No worries. I'll share with you exactly how to amp up your confidence so you show up like a true LEADER, so you can captivate your audience, PLUS how to actually set up your videos so they look top-notch pro (without needing the top-notch pro tools!)
Podcast Guest Superstar
Podcasts are an incredible way to get yourself in front of more amazing fans, and being a guest on a popular podcast can often give you a HUGE boost - income, impact, AND influence, too! Because of this, I'm sharing how to be an INCREDIBLE podcast guest so that you make a huge impression on your podcast host, and create relationships for life!
Guest Posting Masterclass
One of the best ways to get yourself out there, grow your list, and create more credibility for your business is to have other credible experts mention you or showcase you. It's the strategy I use predominantly to grow my website back in 2002. The same can be done today and it's still wildly effective - and it can be done through GUEST POSTING. You'll learn how to do it so it WORKS.
Launching Like a Boss
One of the best ways to get loads of clients or customers is to go through a launch process. The good news? It doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. In this bonus class, you'll learn how to plan your first or next launch to get you an influx of new customers who are excited to buy from you! HELLO IMPACT!
Find the Right Positioning for Your Business
Know you've got something amazing to share with the world but aren't quite sure WHAT that is, and how to position it... and find your niche? This special bonus class, available at the start of the program, will help you in clearing that up so you can go into the Authority Launcher experience feeling clear, confident, and like a total rockstar.
And more... 
Who should join Authority Launcher?
Pretty much anyone can benefit from the authority building marketing principles inside Authority Launcher, but it was specifically designed for business owners who:
  • Have a service-based business (like a coach, consultant, infopreneur, healer, etc)
  • Are totally new OR new-ish to online marketing 
  • Feel invisible, but know they’re destined to make an impact and give clients great results
  • No one knows exist and can’t seem to get people interested enough to talk to them 
  • Want to get fully booked with dream clients in their business... in a way that's sustainable
  • LOVE their business... but struggle with the marketing and getting known piece
  • Are nervous, shy or weirded out about putting themselves out but truly WANT TO BE INFLUENTIAL and make a difference
  • Want to have an all-in-one solution to all of their online marketing foundation woes
But it’s probably NOT right for you if:
  • You’ve already got a solid following or a full schedule
  • You’re not willing to DO THE WORK (because this program will literally NOT let you move on without it)
"Kamila is awesome! In just 15 minutes, she gave me a clear strategy on how to position my offerings and what to price them. I was able to implement this right away. She didn’t hold back. I know some coaches give you “busy work” and let you figure it out. Kamila is all about action and no b.s. Before my session, she didn’t know me or my business, but quickly came up with plan of action like it was her own business. She’s completely transparent and genuine and if she doesn’t think something is working, she’ll let you know. I really appreciate that about her."
- Tiffany English, Velvetstyle Events & Marketing
"Kamila is a powerhouse both online and in person. She always shares so much value and is incredibly generous with her time, helping each participant hash out their biz challenges and leave with a plan of action. Whether it be in a blog post, video or an in person event, Kamila's experience and personality allows her to get her point across, which helps you GET SH*T DONE in your business!"
- Lori Streator, Breakthrough Mind & Body
"Kamila has ROCKED my business! I've branded my signature process, my prospects love how I've laid it out AND my free initial consultations have rocked! I follow Kamila's system every time and have gotten a ton of business lately. So thank you!!! I can directly pinpoint it to this process. I've left my job and I'm now LOVING life as a full-time entrepreneur!"
- Becca Gruenspan, RG Adoption Consulting
"Through Kamila's help and her program, I took the leap and ran a FB ad campaign for the first time which allowed me to more than quadruple my list in the past 6 months. I loved Kamila's accessibility to answer any and all questions regarding business-building. She was so accessible and responded to EVERY question posed in our group and during our calls. Combine that with top- notch expertise and the ability to manage a group of diverse individuals in all stages of business-building really speaks to her gifts. Love and praise!
- Kathryn Brown, Productivity and Work-Balance Coach
In addition to the Authority Launcher program curriculum and the bonuses classes featured above, that will help you get seen, get known, and get that authority status in half the time (and no headaches), I understand that you want to grow your business too.

Because if you’re anything like me, you want to make sure you can elevate your INCOME too… and make your business growth AMPLIFIED, am I right?

That’s why, I’ve brought together some of the BEST Authority experts that will help you to AMPLIFY your authority EVEN faster. To supplement your marketing work with BUSINESS, MINDSET, and SETUP advice too. 

EACH MONTH for 5 months, you will get a special AMPLIFIED EXPERT TRAINING CALL that will supplement the work you’ll already be doing with Authority Launcher. These experts are:
If you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t show up online the way you’re supposed to. I’m bringing in a mindset coach to show you how to gain the confidence you need to show up online, post content, and become an authority with ease.
What’s the point of getting loads of discovery calls if you don’t CLOSE any of them as clients? I’m bringing in my sales coach to show you her proven sales conversation system that will get you to turn up your close rate up to 90%! Hello, new dream clients! Yes please.
Learn how to create, manage, and grow a highly engaged Facebook Group that gets you the attention AND the sales you crave! This is one of the most popular ways to engage with your fans today, and it can complement your list building efforts by amplifying your reach!
Once you get booked with private clients, you’ll want to look at other ways to bring in more income. One of the best ways to do that? Courses! That’s why I’m bringing an expert in course creation: She will show you exactly how to format, setup, and structure your course so it sells AND get wild results for your students.
Whether you’re a new coach or have been at it for years, there are specific things you can do to become EVEN better at your craft. By the way, even if you’re a nutritionist, consultant, stylist or something else, you can use coaching skills to up-level the results your clients get – so you get EVEN more testimonials and referrals. 
Let’s turn your business from invisible to influential! 
With Authority Launcher to guide you, you don’t have to be a marketing genius, a tech wizard or a unicorn who pukes glitter to reach MORE people in a MORE IMPACTFUL way, in LESS time. (And getting there doesn’t have to SUCK, either.)

You CAN go from ‘nobody’ to ‘killin it’ like nobody’s business.

You CAN turn strangers into superfans.

You CAN become the go-to authority in your industry, without being a tech geek or super marketing savvy or in some obscure, unique niche like “knitting hats for cats.” 
(Not that I’m judging. :) )

And best of all? It CAN all happen faster than you realize.

You DON’T have to wait around for months or years for people to finally notice you and your brilliance, while you play around with everything from Instagram to email marketing to Pinterest ads (and lose a shit ton of money in the process).

All you need to seriously crank up your reach, results and revenue – and EASILY double or triple your impact – is get clear on the core marketing foundations that will work FOR YOUR BIZ, and then freakin’ build them.

Authority Launcher can help.

When does the program start?
The program starts as soon as you make the payment! Woot! YES! This means that you can start rocking it out with your badass authority self TODAY! And then each lesson will become available as you move through the program. Pretty cool, right?
What happens after I buy?
GREAT question! Once you put the card in, you'll receive an email with next steps + what to expect. You'll be able to join the Facebook group right away, PLUS you'll get access to my membership site right away as well. You'll always be in communication through it all, so you'll never feel like you're in the dark
I’ve bought a LOT of courses. What if this is just another one I buy and don’t follow through?
There are a lot of courses out there that promise you the world and don’t deliver either because a) there’s no such thing as a course that can deliver the world (duh, right?), and b) courses won’t do shit if you don’t do the work. 

I know that even the most incredible strategy won’t yield results if you don’t actually put it into action. Authority Launcher helps you not only LEARN the strategy, but also gives you (and your reward-centric brain) INCENTIVE for doing the work. Making it 10X easier to implement what you learn. It's science! ;)

It’s an all-around win, win! (Even if you ARE kinda tricking your brain. ;) )
What else makes this different than other marketing courses? 
Authority Launcher is custom-designed to combat overwhelm and make sure you take action.

Authority Launcher was designed to cut right through the BS and give you step-by-step guidance to help you set up only the MOST powerful & effective marketing strategies, so you don't waste time doing all the things people say you need to know, but we both know is really just a bunch of fluff. 

It's a ALL-in-ONE solution to get your online marketing foundations in order... and it's done in a way that cuts through the BS and goes RIGHT into the action, so you can go from learning to implementation within 10-15 minutes. NO course does that!

Plus, the game thing, you guys. This isn’t about stuffing you with more information. This is about giving you a logical + straightforward roadmap THAT’S ACTUALLY FUN TO COMPLETE (which means you’ll actually complete it) so you can go from hidden gem to shining star in your industry.
Do I need to buy a lot of additional tools and softwares to make this program work? 
Great question, and I totally get it! It's so annoying when people sell programs and then you have to spend another thousand or more just for the additional platforms you don't yet have. The good news? I won't require you to buy a lot of things! In fact, I am going to be sharing with you FREE ways to make this all work for you, as well as low-cost ways to make it work, so if you don't want to (or aren't able to) spend extra money right now - no worries! :)
What if I can’t keep up?
Thanks to the self-study aspect of the Authority Launcher program, there’s no such thing as not keeping up! You go-at-your-own pace. (But the sooner you implement, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards of more reach, revenue and results!) Then, you can hop on the group calls each month as you go through implementing the Levels in AL, but there's NO set timeline or anything like that! (and by the way, if you want to continue with the group calls after the 4 months are up, you may have an ability to do so too!)
Do I get access to Kamila?
You do not get any direct access to Kamila in this program, however, you'll get access to Kamila's VIP Facebook community, just for clients and customers, so whenever you have a Q you can post it in there and Kamila or one of the other ALs will be able to support you!
Do you have some kind of a guarantee? What if I don't get results?
Here's the thing: If you follow the system and actually DO THE WORK and do it consistently, there's literally no way you won't see results. Work put in, equals results coming out. It's how the program was designed. I've seen it work for myself and countless students, so I know you're going to see incredible results, too. Having said that, because of the astronomical value of the program and the crazy low priced offer I am offering here for the early birds (like you), there are NO REFUNDS available for those who take advantage of this special early bird offer. 
Will this take a lot of time? Mama’s busy!
Authority Launcher will take as little OR as much time as you want it to. Obviously, the faster you implement, the faster you’ll see results. I’d estimate each video is about 5-15 minutes long (cause we all have short attention spans, haha!). Plus, I cut OUT all the theory BS and go RIGHT into the action steps, so you can maximize the time you do have and get to work! And how long it takes you to do the work is up to you.
  • Get mad respect and recognition in your niche?
  • Feel completely confident in your story, message + branding?
  • Be seen and recognized as one of the go-to experts in your industry?
  • Enroll high-end dream clients who absolutely love you and become your biggest brand ambassadors?
  • Have a sustainable marketing system in place that ensures you’re making an incredible impact and income?
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 Each individual’s business success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation, and a whole host of additional factors. As with any business-related program or service that you purchase, your results may vary, and will be based on many variables, so therefore no guarantees can be made. 

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