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You’ve been tracking your website stats wrong the entire time, here’s why.

You’ve been tracking your website stats wrong the entire time, here’s why.

Tracking. Oh tracking. How wonderful you are. (In this post, you will learn how to use the URL builder and if you haven’t been using it, you’ll find out why you should start today)

You've been tracking your website stats wrong the entire time, here's why.

I’ll be honest…

Although I consider myself to be quite balanced in my left-brain and right-brain ability, I still lean more towards the right-brain, the more creative of the sides.

While I find statistics and analytics fascinating as a concept, I don’t particularly enjoy the process of figuring them out. This is also part of the reason why I didn’t go for a PhD in Psychology (something I was heavily considering), because crunching numbers day in and day out was just less than thrilling to me. The concept and idea behind it – oh sure, I can geek out about the story the numbers tell… but the actual process of  getting the whole analysis process done… meh. Not for me.

BUT just because I don’t gush with excitement at the sight of numbers, doesn’t mean I don’t respect them. Truth is – it’s extremely important to track stuff. Especially if you’re serious about maximizing the time and money that’s going into your marketing. Which, obviously, you should be unless you’re like a bazillionaire and you just don’t care about how much money you spend.

We aren’t talking about financial tracking right now with expenses and income streams (which, by the way, is the part I actually do enjoy) but the analytics and tracking that you should be doing around your marketing.

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You are spending a lot of time getting your social media figured out… making sure it’s set up right so that you show your brand in the best light. You’re posting along with a social calendar, gaining followers, doing this and doing that… And it’s not just Facebook you’re doing, it’s all of the channels that makes sense for your brand. Maybe you’re becoming a pro at Google Plus, or maybe you’re tweeting up a storm.

You might even have a set budget for Social Advertising (which I recommend) so that you can maximize the return you are getting from your efforts on social media. More eyeballs to your content. More engagement. More leads. Good stuff.

But do you actually know which of your channels are converting well?

Before I move forward, I want to make sure I say this – social media was not designed to bring in sales directly. Social media is a lead warming and brand awareness channel and it was designed to get people exposed to you. Can it bring sales? Sure. Is it your best performing channel in terms of sales? Not usually.

But alas, it’s still important to know how each channel is performing. So, you might say:

“Oh Kamila, I already have Google Analytics set up and I am tracking how much traffic I am getting from social media – each of my channels.” OR

“I am running Facebook Ads and it tells me how many clicks to website I am getting so I know exactly how well that channel is performing for me.”

Okay, fair enough. But I have two things I want to say about that….

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