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HM1: Can you create freedom if you HUSTLE?

HM1: Can you create freedom if you HUSTLE?

Every day I see people hustling online and off. Hustle is such a common word that I needed to address this so you’re not sabotaging yourself WHILE hustling. There’s a huge difference between TWO types of hustle – you probably didn’t know that, huh? It’s crucial you recognize which type of hustle YOU have been preoccupied with mostly and how to maximize your results in your business.


Since today is Hustle Monday, I wanted to kick off the show by talking about hustle. I feel like there’s a lot of misconceptions about hustle, so I want to make a clear distinction between how I see hustle and particularly hustle when it comes to freedom.

A lot of people went into business, and I’m sure many of you can relate, because you want more freedom in your life. You’ve been working nine to five, and it’s soul sucking, and you’re so done with it. You want more freedom, and you want your business to be the vehicle to make that happen.

Or maybe you want to have more freedom when it comes to traveling more or doing things in a way that is aligned with how you want to run your business. That was the reason I went into business myself. I wanted to work with the clients I wanted to work with, and I wanted to be able to travel, and work out in the middle of the day if I wanted to. That was my sense of freedom.

I do believe in hustle. And there’s a very specific way that I approach hustle. I want to talk about this misconception people have around hustle and freedom. There’s a lot of people who say that you can’t have freedom if you have hustle, and I actually think that it’s quite the opposite.

Before we actually talk about how to create freedom through hustle, which I think is absolutely possible, I want to talk about the two different ways to approach the concept of hustle. Most people who talk about hustle do the hustling for hustle’s sake.

So basically, what’s going to happen with that concept is that you’re making your business reliant on you in order for you to make money. Say you want to bring in a certain amount of money, like ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand every month, then you have to be consistently showing up yourself, manually reaching out to people, and doing a lot of the money making activities that are very high-touch and personal in nature. Your business becomes very reliant on you doing the work. And that’s what most people think hustle is all about—at least in the online marketing and coaching industry that I’m in.

You might have that same idea about hustle yourself, and in fact, when you use hustle in this way, you can’t have freedom. It’s impossible. It isn’t ideal even if you have a V.A. (virtual assistant) or graphic designer because if the money is being made by your reaching out to people or you doing a lot of the money-making activities day-to-day every single day, it’s going to be really hard for you to have the freedom to travel or take some time off.

So there’s also another way to approach hustle, and that is smart hustle. Smart hustle is when you’re creating intentional, strategic bursts of action to create an influx of results or income injections in a short period of time. See how that’s different? Hustling just for hustle’s sake is just creating a business that’s reliant on you, whereas with smart hustle you’re creating strategic, intentional bursts of action in order to create an income injection or an influx of results. You’re not doing it all time, and if you don’t do it, your business is still going to be sustainable.

I’m a huge proponent of smart hustle. I think it is so important because sometimes we need a little income injection. Sometimes we need to bring in a little money in the door. There’s nothing wrong with that, and the way to do that is through smart hustle. It’s getting more phone calls in the books; it’s talking to more people; it’s being more intentional with the enrollments when it comes to client or customer generation.

So how can hustle create freedom in your business?

When you use smart hustle, you can actually do it where you’re hustling now to take time off later. One of my friends does one big launch once a year for her group program, and she makes multiple-six-figures during that short time. And it’s an intense time frame, but for the rest of the year, she just delivers the content, the program, and does little fun things here and there to grow her list and engage her people, then she just relaxes for the rest of the year. She goes to Bali, travels all over the world, and does random things like Burning Man. She enjoys her life. And that one time per year, she hustles hard. She does a lot of sales calls, but it doesn’t last very long. It’s a short burst, and it creates all the revenue she needs for the entire year.

So that is one way you can create and strategically place smart hustle in your business so that you are able to create freedom for yourself. But if you’re new in your business, it’s going to take a little more time and work to get to multiple-six-figures, if that’s even how much you want to generate. So you really need to understand what you need to create in your business and how you want to run your business.

That’s what I wanted to talk about on this Hustle Monday. I wanted to give you another way to look at hustle. Hustle can allow you to create freedom if you desire it to do so. I’m here to show you personally and give you a different look on how you can run your business.

So what kind of hustle have you been doing? Have you been doing hustle for hustle’s sake? Or have you been more intentional and using more smart hustle in your business? What has been prominently used in your business so far? How can you create more leverage, if that’s even what you desire? And if you want more freedom, what’s stopping you? Is your business structured in a way where you can have more freedom?

Just notice and be intentional. Intention is key. Be conscious and aware of what’s going on in your business and your marketing.

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