Want to spend less energy marketing your awesome business...

and more energy doing the awesome work you love?

If…. “The Top 3 Secrets to Overnight Internet Success!,” : “5 Ways to Build Your Tribe Online by Thousands – Without Lifting a Finger!” :“Make Six Figures in Your (Wine-Stained) Pajamas!”

feels more like… :

“Wanna Waste an Entire Day?: The Definitive Guide to Writing Facebook Ads No One Clicks On” : “Love Feeling Invisible? Here’s How NOT to Build an Audience Online” : “Get Overwhelmed Fast!: Ten Hot New Internet Marketing ‘Tricks’ You Can TRY to Implement But Will Never REALLY Work!”

you’re in the right place.

I understand. Getting the right message to the right people is far easier said than done.


I know I don’t need to tell you that, though because you’re the one who’s thrown down wads of cash on marketing e-courses (that sat on your desktop for months) and spent hours of your life clicking through the archives of all the popular internet marketing blogs.


And you’re the one who – despite all of the above – is still not where you wanna be. Nope. A few retweets here or there, some “Likes” on your Facebook posts and one or two blogs that boosted your readership (for a week) does NOT make a successful internet marketing strategy.


And not-so-shockingly, your patience – not to mention pocketbook – is wearing thin.

The truth is, online marketing can be overwhelming, arduous and a total time-suck if you don’t know exactly what to do and how to do it. But, It can ALSO transform your business if you do it right. (Hello, catch 22!)

Whatever you desire for your modern business, whether it’s –

  • : an uber-engaged list (read: people who give a shit about you and what you do)
  • : major credibility and clout in your niche
  • : an awesome launch for that amazing new product or service : buckets of money (hey – great work deserves great reward!) : an audience of raving fans who love what you do and devour what you sell
  • : or just simply knowing that you’re FINALLY “out there” doing what you’re meant to

Online marketing CAN get you there.

Trust me: Knowing how to use the internet to build your business or tribe is kinda like unlocking another world – a world where your meaningful message is out there in a major way making you money and changing lives, to boot.

But what you really need to succeed in the online world isn’t another DIY course or watching yet another webinar.

You need instruction. You need support. And most importantly, you need results.

Hi, I’m Kamila Gornia, digital marketing strategist,

and if all of that stuff up there resonates with you, then what you and your business really needs… is somebody like me. As a digital marketing strategist and Internet aficionado with 10+ years making big things happen on the web, I can help you shortcut your ascent into passion-driven superstardom with done-for-you and done-with-you online marketing services that uncomplicate “online marketing” for good.

Let’s be real: You care far more about your message reaching the people who need it most...and far less about how it’s gonna get there. Let me behind the scenes of your biz and watch your “small business” transform into a heart-centered empire faster than you ever thought possible – and without wasting any more hours or dollars trying to do it all yourself.

Ready to magnify your message and get your business in front of the people who need it most?

Here’s How We Can Work Together:

Custom Digital Marketing Consulting & Support from the Kamila Social team

What it Is: Customized, digital marketing solutions for businesses who want to cut through the noise and be seen online. This is total online marketing strategy and implementation from beginning-to-end. We work behind the scenes to make your business visible because frankly? You're way too busy to do it all yourself.

How it Works: We’ll start by deciding on a timeframe for our work together (minimum of six months) and getting crystal-freaking-clear on your individual goals, targets and marketing challenges.

Then, we’ll create a custom-tailored strategic marketing plan that will serve as your personal “blueprint for success” during our work together and get you rollin’ toward your unique objectives...fast. And of course, we’ll be there week after week and every step of the way to help you (and often step in and do the heavy lifting for you) as we reach – and often, surpass – your goals.

Basically? You’ll come out the other side with a solid marketing strategy defined, in place and actually working for you. BOOM.

We can help you...

  • Generate or boost traffic and readership – to your site, blog, e-commerce store or social media profiles (or all the above!)
  • Launch a new product with serious buzz (and/or help you transition from 1-on-1 work to e-courses, for example)
  • Whip up a hot content strategy or optimizing your current content library
  • Nail down a solid marketing foundation/approach for greater visibility and presence and consistent cash flow
  • Put together anything else you need to go from playing to making profit with the internet!

Consulting & Done-for-You Management Packages Include:

  • One-on-one consulting + strategy calls to talk through your challenges (varies by package)
  • “Work Hours” (behind-the-scenes) to create, implement and execute your digital marketing plan (varies by package)
  • Unlimited accountability and support via email for all your hang ups, freak outs and celebrations
  • Additional customized marketing and tech strategy trainings as needed
  • Your own personal account manager and support team
  • Packages are all custom created to YOU and your needs based on our meetings together, depending on the amount of execution you need from us but start around $2,500 per month.

Have questions? Click here to contact us and let's chat.

Wondering if this type of online marketing support is for you?

This is totally your thing if you:

: already have a business

: have funding and a budget for marketing support

: are currently working with clients/customers

: are passion-driven – and willing to do what it takes to succeed, excuses be damned

: are friendly, fun, and super ambitious to boot.

and want to:

: cut out your digital marketing time and efforts by handing it over to a qualified team of pros

: create a more systematized marketing strategy to create long-term (not to mention, sustainable) results

: work WITH a real, live person on your marketing – not take another course that’s full of cookie cutter advice

: move away from one-on-one services and create more passive streams of income (but don’t know how the hell to get the word out!)

: bring more attention to your local business and stay in touch with your customers and clients

: get that much closer to the business of your dreams