Do you REALLY need Google Plus for business?

The other day, I bumped into my Health Coach friend and after we got to talking I realized she knows nothing about marketing her businesses on Google Plus. In fact, she sees it as pointless.

This made me realize that there are a lot of passion-driven solopreneurs who are confused by Google Plus. Some feel like they should be using it but are too overwhelmed to even get started. Others raise their hands up in defeat after one too many failed attempts at making sense of it all.

Are you in the same boat?

Do you REALLY need Google Plus for your business?

If you are on the fence about using Google Plus for your business, let me tell you…

I’m not surprised.

Ha, I bet you didn’t see that coming.

The truth is, I resisted the platform for a long time too and it wasn’t until I was forced to use it (for some marketing clients from my agency work) that I finally saw the power of Google Plus.

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I want you to know you are not alone. In fact, here are some of the exact thoughts I had before I started using Google Plus for business and marketing:

  1. “I don’t know how to use this thing, the platform itself is so confusing, I don’t know what’s what and navigate through the website.”

  2. “I don’t know anyone who’s using it, so what’s the point of my using this for myself? There’s clearly no one on here – it’s a ghost town.”

  3. “Is this really necessary? Why can’t I just use Facebook alone? Why do I have to add yet another platform to my schedule? I already don’t have a lot of time as it is.”

I’m sure you’re having some of the same thoughts, am I right?

Thankfully, once you spend some time to really understand the platform and get comfortable with it, you will see it’s actually an amazing way to move forward in your business.

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In this post, I’m going to address the same concerns I had (that you might also have) about using Google Plus for your business.

1. Google Plus is so confusing, it makes no sense.

Yes, I used to think this too. And I guess it’s true in a way, if you can’t figure something out right away you automatically write it off as too confusing or not being user-friendly enough. I’m sure you’re nodding your head right now too, saying to yourself, “Yeah, I have no idea how to use this thing.”

The truth of the matter is – Google Plus is brilliantly designed, it just takes some time to get used to it and learn how to operate within the platform. This would have been so much easier for me (and you too) if there was a good tutorial or a way for someone to just take you step-by-step on how to do it. I had to get it all figured out myself (the “tutorials” and introductory videos that Google provides are not very helpful) so I can understand the frustration.

Once you know the tips and tricks to using it, you’ll be surprised you ever thought it was confusing or overwhelming at all!

I spent barely an hour with one of my clients, showing her the ropes of using Google Plus. Now, it’s her favorite channel to use for marketing her business online! She was shocked at how easy it actually is and, get this, she said it was “really well-organized.” The same girl that said it was confusing and overwhelming said it was “well-organized” – how’s that for brilliant?

2. No one is using Google Plus. Well, maybe men. And only “tech-y” men.

My Health Coach friend actually told me she wasn’t on Google Plus because none of her acquaintances were on there. Ahhh… face palm.

I get it. It can be tough swimming into the unknown without a life vest (prior knowledge) or support of others you can trust to help you stay afloat. But it’s really not that bad. Something you have to remember is that one of the main points of marketing itself is all about making new connections – it’s about getting in front of your potential customers that wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Right?

So who cares if your friends aren’t using Google Plus. If they not and they’re in the same industry as you, guess what – good for you! You’ll be able to cast your net and catch the fish before anyone else!

And if you’re still thinking that Google Plus is a ghost town, then let me remind (or enlighten) you that Google Plus has 300 million monthly active users on average. If you’re not sure how much that really is, then how about this fact: 22% of online adults visit Google+ at least once a month. Now, how’s that for a ghost town?

Populate your feed by following some influential people and joining communities. Once you get active, you’ll notice that Google Plus is a lively and vibrant community with a lot of potential customers that would be perfect for your business.

3. Seriously though, do I really need to use Google Plus for my business? 

Listen, no one is holding up a gun to your head whispering eerily in your ear “If you don’t get into Google Plus right now, you’ll see what happens… just wait and see!”

I realize that was pretty dramatic but I feel like a lot of solopreneurs feel like they DO have a gun to their head (figuratively, of course) held by Google itself. Like, if you don’t use this platform, you’re gonna fail at your business no matter what and you can wave your dream tropical cruise to the Bahamas goodbye.

Let’s not exaggerate here. I’m not gonna pretend like you NEED to use this platform to succeed. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who are not (yet) using Google Plus for their business and they are doing really well for themselves. Marie Forleo, for example, is one of those people.

Will she get on Google Plus in the future? Maybe. Probably. Who knows, I’m not a psychic.

But does this mean you can ignore Google Plus and hope for the best?

That’s up to you to decide. As a passion-driven solopreneur, I’m sure you want your business to succeed. And you want it to succeed… like, yesterday. So my point is – why wouldn’t you want to see if Google Plus could help you get there faster?

Sure, being active on Google Plus will help your website show up higher on search results and it might bring you more followers and fans that buy your products and services, but hey – who am I to tell you what to do? You’re the boss, boss. You make the decisions.

I’m just here to make you aware of your options.


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