Facebook Ads Management

You’ve poured your heart and soul into an utterly amazing creation like an alluring e-book, a wicked-cool webinar or a hot new lead magnet (with a killer landing page to match)

– and you’re ready.

Ready for your message to reach the masses. Ready to transform the lives of thousands. And ready to make the kind of money you need to make to live the freakin’ good life (whatever that means to you).

Your message, your vision, your passion – it’s all coming together. And the world is about to know all about it – and you.


There’s only one tiny thing standing between
you and the dream: Facebook. Ads.

The actual ads are only a tiny piece of a massive puzzle – everything (including that beautifully-designed landing page you’re sending people to) needs to work together if you wanna get real results from your campaigns.

Feeling like you need a tall glass of vino right now? I bet!

Turns out, they aren’t just a major part of your message-blasting marketing strategy – they’re a major commitment.

Facebook ad creation is more than a marketing tactic – it’s an art. It’s a technical and often times tedious task that has to be done RIGHT in order to maximize returns.

Unfortunately, this is one ever-evolving art most entrepreneurs aren’t exactly well-versed in.

But hey, it’s not anybody’s fault. There’s a LOT that goes into a successful Facebook (or Instagram) ad campaign, like:

  • >> Copy + Creative How do you write copy that actually converts? How do you create/where do you find engaging visuals?
  • >> Targeting – Who should you target? How much should you spend? What the hell is a “pay-per-click”?
  • >> Split-Testing– What’s a split test? How do you run one? And how in the world do you decode the results so you can figure out how to maximize your budget so you’re not shelling out wads of cash on ads that don’t work
  • >> Tweaking and Performance Tracking – Your ad’s up and running, but is it doing its job? Is it costing you more than it’s making you? Do you need to tweak it? Pull it? Pretend it never existed? SO many questions!
  • >> Instagram Ads – Should you do Instagram ads for your business? How do you even set those up? Are they a good idea and how do you know they're working?
  • >> Messenger Bots – Sometimes it calls to go an extra mile... with messenger bots. We can also set up some simple messenger campaigns within our ad campaigns to amp up the engagement.

And that’s just the beginning.

Bottom line: Facebook ads are hard work - and creating them on your own is definitely not the best use of your time or talents.

(Because let’s be real: Do you really have time to soak up more information from the latest DIY Facebook Ads Course OR the extra cash to sink into a campaign that might not return your investment? Didn’t think so!)

So what’s a message-driven business owner supposed to do?

That’s where Kamila Social comes in.

Have questions beforehand? Click here to contact me and let's chat.

What if you could know without-a-doubt that your Facebook ad campaign was targeting the right people

– people who will absolutely resonate with your message and get behind your business – all at the best possible price?

We offer Facebook ad strategy and campaign creation & management services for business owners.

I’ve been running Facebook Ads since 2012 for clients in various industries from food and entertainment to beauty and fashion to B2B...and I know exactly how to make them work for your unique business.

Our approach is fully personal and holistic. Not only do we take the time to get to know you and your vision deeply before we ever put a finger on an ad, we look at the big picture of your ad campaign – from the copy to the visuals to the targeting – to create 100% custom campaigns that convert like crazy.

Basically, we've got the art of Facebook ad creation down to a science.

Work with Kamila Social and we’ll help you create ads that capture the attention of just the right people, at just the right price.

Let’s create some Facebook ads that sell – not suck, shall we?

This is right for you if:

: Your first or last Facebook campaign flopped – and you’re not willing to risk it again

: You’ve tried to research how to set up ads on your own but it all sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo (and you’re over trying to decode it alone)

: You know you don’t have the time/energy/dollars or caffeine to learn all there is to know about Facebook ads – and frankly, you have little to no desire

: You’re excited by what Facebook ads can do for your business – and ready to hand the whole thing over to an expert who can get your real results!

: You have an EXISTING business with SALES coming in.

How It Works:

You and I get on a call to discuss your business and your goals.

Based on the level of engagement you want me to play, we decide on the right package for you based on your goals.

(P.S. We do also offer sales funnel strategy and support to ensure your ads work even better. We can discuss your options during our call together.)

Once we agree on the package, we sign the agreement, get the budget figured out, and I create your kick-ass ads that convert! :)

: P.S. We do not accept Revenue Share clients.

Not ready for ongoing support yet?

If you've been running ads yourself and haven't been happy with the results, but aren't ready for work with a high level team like Kamila Social to run your ads yet, we also have an option of having us do a custom Facebook Ad Audit.

Just schedule the consultation and let us know that's what you're looking for and we'll discuss to determine the right fit :)

Looking forward to chatting soon! :)