How to find Google Plus Communities that are worth your time

Using Google+ Communities is often an important part a good Google+ marketing strategy, but how do you know which ones to pick? In this post, we will uncover how to find Google Plus Communities that are actually worth your time.

how to find google plus communities that are worth your time

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If you’ve been using Google+ for your business, you know that Google+ Communities are an integral part of any G+ social media marketing strategy.

There are SO many Communities out there, it’s truly amazing.

It’s wonderful to know that regardless how niche or obscure your topic of interest may be, chances are there is already a Google+ community out there around that topic with plenty of members who are also interested and eager to connect with others about it.

So, given that there are so many Communities out there, you might be wondering…

“Okay, but my niche ISN’T obscure or weird and it’s actually quite popular, how do I know which Google+ Community to join since there seems to be hundreds of them about my area of interest?”

Very observant and a great question, my friend.

It’s true that you wouldn’t want to waste hours trying to be active in communities that won’t get you any closer to your ultimate goal, whatever that might be… As a solopreneur, we already have very little time to work on our business – I’d hate for your to waste some of it on places that aren’t worthy of it. (yes, you and your time are precious!)

Here are some tips on how to find Google+ Communities that are worth your time and effort.


(Watch the video above for more on this topic. Sorry for the semi-inappropriate images, I guess I picked a wrong community but I know you’re pretty awesome so you won’t get offended 😉 .. sigh, haha)

1. Search for Google+ Communities via keywords

I suggest looking up keywords with two different focuses:

1. Keywords that would be interesting to YOU as a business owner; where would you like to hang out, engage with other influencers in your field, and potentially find some opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, or just plain ol’ industry news that you care about?

2. Keywords that your ideal clients and customers would be interested in; where would your ideal client hang out to get HER industry news and connection with others in her field?

You want to be in both.

First, partnerships and staying on top of the game is important and a part of the reason why Google+ is so damn great, it’s just filled with people who know their shit. And secondly, you always want to be where your potential customers would be too so that you can engage with them and create those connections that could potentially turn into prospects and lead opportunities.

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2.  Consider the size of the Google+ Community

If your main goal is to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, consider the size of the community. The thing with selecting the right Google+ Community is that there is no ONE formula for success. Each situation is different. But a good rule of thumb is to consider communities that are larger than a few hundred at least.

Is it better to focus on huge communities? Maybe. It depends.

Is it engaged or is it mostly drive-by link dumps? If it’s full of spammers and the community isn’t very well regulated and managed, the huge community size won’t help you because that means no one is going on the community to engage and find new content – but rather to self-promote. That won’t usually do you much good.

Is it then better to focus on small communities? Maybe, maybe not.

If it’s a small community that is not very active, that is also not very good since no one will see the stuff you’re posting. But if it’s a small community that is very engaged and there’s a lot of activity going on there, this might be a good one to consider.


3. Check on the overall engagement

I already eluded to this one in the previous point; engagement is very important… but exactly how important will depend on your goals, yet again.

If you are looking to create new relationships and potential partnerships with influencers, it’s crucial that you stay in communities that are actually occupied by these people – where these people go to engage and interact themselves. The level of conversation is going to be crucial. Look at whether there are actual discussions going on – comments and shares. Are people interacting and adding value?

There’s also the other type of engagement which may seem a bit more “self-serving” but it doesn’t mean it is necessarily a bad thing. Looking at the number of +1’s and shares, versus comments, can be another way to determine whether the community is worthy of your time. If you are looking to get more traffic to your website and you see that the posts being made are getting some +1’s, this can be a good indication that people might engage and be eager to check out the content you post as well. You might not get to interact with influencers about industry related topics too much, but it can be a good way to get exposed to new blog posts and do more of a reading/nodding approach.

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4. Read the rules and guidelines

If you belong to any Facebook groups, you know that the good ones are heavily moderated and usually have a format or schedule. This is the same for Google+ communities. Each community usually has rules and guidelines associated with it, typically listed out in a Google doc linked in the description.

Many Google Plus communities (usually the really good ones that value high quality engagement) do not condone self-promotion. They won’t allow you to post things that will be leading people back to your website, pretty much ever. They value conversation above all else and see right through self-promotions. This is a great way to know you’ve found a community that may really serve you well in terms of finding people to connect with on a deeper level, whether it’s for a potential partnership in the future or as a potential client.

If you disregard the rules, some moderators may be quick to ban you without much to say. Some will be kind enough to remind you to look at the rules and follow them. But once you’ve been banned, it’s pretty much it. Plus, then Google+ will see that you’ve been banned and each time you do post in other communities, your posts may get held for moderation in the case of spam. This prolongs everything and just makes engaging in Google+ communities much more troublesome. So yeah, don’t get yourself in trouble in the first place.

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So these tips should help you evaluate whether the Google Plus communities you are considering investing your time in are worth it. The main thing you must know is that you Google+ Social Media Strategy must be clear with the goals and objectives clearly outlined.

Once you have this clarity, it will be that much easier to make informed decisions that you know bring you closer to the end result your desire.

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