HDW10: Don’t Settle

When we think of CEOs, a common trait that we notice many of them share is that they are often very future oriented. On the other hand, people that are very personal-development based typically follow the general idea of remaining in the present. I believe that it’s somewhat impossible to be a successful CEO that has the growth of their business in mind without being future oriented. Business growth is all about planning, creating campaigns, funnels, and launches – growth requires thinking ahead.


A lot of people struggle with this because they feel as though you can’t be grateful and in the present when you’re focusing so much on the future. If thinking ahead is your natural way of being, then you’re going to be a great CEO, if you aren’t already. You’re able to consider and also plan for what’s going to happen a month from now, three months from now, or by the end of the year. With this way of thinking you’re able to start projecting what you should be doing when it comes to generating your cash flow and the different things that are necessary for you to be a successful business owner and CEO.


At the same time, I don’t believe that thinking about only the future 100% of the time is the best approach either.


If you focus on the future and have nothing that you’re grateful for in the present, then that’s a bit problematic. Subconsciously you are telling yourself that the things you want in the future aren’t because of abundance but are because of fear and lack since you want certain things, and you want growth, but you do not recognize that you’ve come a long way. If you fail to acknowledge how well you’re doing right now or what you already have, then you start to operate from a lack mentality, and the reason for you to grow and be successful in the future is that you don’t even realize that you’re successful now.


To be the most successful that you can be you need to find your balance of present and future. Each person is different so everyone has specific traits and strengths that they should build on. Some of us can be in the present and see and feel exactly what’s happening right now, and there is great power in that. But, keep in mind the balance of how much you need of both present and future to be a great driver for you so that you can see the growth that you want.


If you’re only considering the present, then this means your business is stagnant because what is happening right now is only right now.


Make sure that you’re not settling or letting yourself down by setting goals that are smaller because you feel like you should simply be grateful for what you already have. You are worthy of creating the incredible success that you feel deep in your bones, so don’t feel guilty or selfish for wanting to achieve it. Shoot for the stars! Don’t be afraid of creating massive change or results – change your life, change your business, and create the life that you desire.


Keep in mind that when you’re able to reach those big goals that you set you’re not just helping yourself, but you’re also helping everyone else around you. Money may not always buy happiness, but it makes life a lot easier so don’t be afraid of having it or working towards your goals. If you want to make a million dollars, go for it. Why are you stopping yourself and who’s to say that you can’t make that happen?


Don’t listen to the naysayers who tell you that what you want to achieve is impossible because that’s a reflection of them, not you; they forbade themselves from dreaming that big, but don’t let that stop you.


You’re different because you’re dreaming big, but you’re also doing the work, too. You’re not just sitting on the couch all day eating potato chips and hoping that a million dollars will manifest out of nowhere. Having goals is great, but it’s important to do the work that supports you into making them a reality. Whether it’s huge actions every single day or smaller ones based on how much time you have available to you, you’re still doing the work.


When you’re creating and achieving your goals, you’re helping the people that you share your message with. If you’re making money, whether it’s a million dollars, 10 million dollars, six figures, etc. it means that you are impacting people with what you’re doing. You aren’t just doing something for the sake of doing it – you want to help people, and that’s why you started your business in the first place.


When you reach those crazy, high goals that you set, it means that you’re reaching more people and making an even greater impact.


If you have a message or mission to share with the world, you can’t hold back on that. People are listening to you and having transformations because of you and your heart-driven business. You can get out there and do this. You have so much more power within you that you even realize, so don’t ever be afraid to dream.

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