How to sell products using Facebook Ads

Wanna use Facebook Ads to sell your stuff? Here’s what you need to know.

I often have people asking me trying to use Facebook ads and they are not working, nobody is buying my stuff, I do not understand what is going on. And then I ask them, “Okay, so what are you selling them to? What is your call to action?”

A lot of times these people said they are trying to sell them to a sales page or trying to sell them to a product page. And they are expecting people to buy stuff right away.

Here is the reality. People, especially cold traffic, is not going to buy from you right away when they [] for the first time. That is not going to happen. They do not know who you are, they do not trust you, and they do not know your products. It just barely ever happened that somebody is going to buy a product right from the start if they have never heard your product, especially online.

Have you ever done that? I highly doubt it. If you have, it was probably like pretty low cost offer or something that maybe you are referred by somebody. You trust them or something that was going away or whatever. I am not going to get in all of that.

I have bought stuff from Facebook ads when I have never heard the first time before. There is a lot of social [] and different aspects that plays to help me with that. And most of the time, people that are asking me these things do not have these things.

But you can totally sell awesome stuff on Facebook. However, there is a right way and a wrong way when you do this.

First of all, do not sell cold traffic that means people have no idea of who you are. They do not liked your page. People who have never been on your site. People that are just targeted, typically by their interest or location. They do not know who you are. So do not target them for your sales-based Facebook ads.

What you want to do instead, is you want to target warm or hot leads. So what you have to do is to do remarketing. That means, you can run your Facebook ads to people who have either visited your site before therefore they know who you are; or they are currently on your email list therefore they obviously know who you are and they like; or people who have unsubscribed from your email list. That means that they already know who you are, maybe they were not just ready to buy and they had too many emails going on. That could also be a cheap lead that could potentially become a sale if it is a pretty low cost offer.

The lower the cost of the product, the easier it is to get a sale on Facebook ad right away. And that means that the person that you are actually putting this message in front of, the person does not have to be super in love with you if it is a low cost product, because it is has a lower barrier to entry.

Now if it is something really expensive, or something like coaching or 101 consulting or group program, you can definitely have retargeting. And I absolutely recommend that you use your marketing and retargeting, basically, following people around the internet, a.k.a. Facebook. If they have visited a specific page on your site like a sales page, and then you are just putting these ads in front of them. That way, sometimes people think that it is a sign that they have been seeing this page a lot, “Maybe I am supposed to enroll in this thing.” and then they do.

Another thing about sales too, is that typically, it takes 7 touch points for a person to actually feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. So when you are following somebody on the internet like Facebook, to make it easier, they are going to consistently get exposed to you, and therefore their trust towards you typically is going to increase. As long as you are not going to do anything weird or scam or something like that.

The other thing, you can try doing cold traffic on Facebook ads if it is very low cost products, something that is below 25 bucks that could potentially work because of the lower barrier to entry. But honestly, if you have an audience already, I highly recommend that you try those Facebook ads to the people who already know you or like you.

You do not have people like that? Create some free offers, create a sales [] so people will first, just get into your email list, get to know you a little bit and then you can sell them. It is honestly the best way for you to sell to anybody because they are going to feel better about the purchase. You are going to feel not sleazy about selling. And everyone is going to be happy all around.

Hopefully this is helpful. My name is Kamila Gornia and I am a digital marketing strategist from Modern Entrepreneurs. And if you [] from this video and you want more marketing and business tips and videos and things like that, just follow me already. Alright?

And I talk to you very soon. Let us blow up your business and stay awesome!

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