How to set up your Google Analytics

Know you should be tracking “stats” but you’re stumped as to HOW exactly to do that? In this post, we talk about how to set up Google Analytics and what exactly to look at in Google Analytics to get started.

How to set up Google Analytics

When you create your website, one of the first things you should do is get your Google Analytics set up. Sure, you can use the Jetpack (if you’re on WordPress) or whatever native stats tracker your content management system provides, but GA is really the standard and it allows you to dig a lot deeper into the insights than any of these other apps do. Especially for free!

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But before we dig into how to set it up, I want to make sure you understand the benefits of having Google Analytics set up on your site before you hire a link building service. I know a lot of people are confused about why you really need this.

  1. Google Analytics is free to use and set up!  
    • You don’t need any fancy softwares, consultants, or monthly (or yearly) costs to have it up. It’s all totally free and just as powerful as some of the expensive solutions out there. At the agencies I’ve been at, we mostly use Google Analytics to do our tracking and have done so successfully. Obviously, it’s not perfect and I will get to why in a future blog post but it’s just as close to awesome as you can get with a free solution.
  2. Gives you insight into your website performance.
    • Wanna know what are your most popular pages or posts on your website? Done. Wanna know which post has the largest amount of people leaving your site? What about which of the social media channels drove the more traffic? Or maybe seeing how a typical user’s flow looks like… where they typically get started on your site, and then where do they move to, and then where? All of this data is extremely useful in optimizing your website and content for increased conversion, trust, and overall user flow. It’s good stuff.
  3. Track conversions. 
    • When you have goals set up for your specific goals around lead generation or for e-commerce, you are able to see which channel drove conversions and which one didn’t. Which channel had the highest amount of people coming to the site and leaving right away, etc. It’s great information to know when it comes to knowing which channels to focus on around performance for the future.

These are just three reasons to make sure you have it installed but there are a LOT more. I won’t bore you with ALL of them but trust me, once you get this set up and start playing around with it’s many awesome features, you will be amazed at how much helpful insight you can get about the people who visit your website and your own overall website performance.

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Here’s a video where I go into a little bit more about how to set up Google Analytics (with a screenshare of how super easy it is to setup in WordPress) and what exactly you should look at if you’re just starting out.

There are three parts to the video above:

  1. 0:00 – 03:42
    • Me (hi!) talking to you candidly about why you should have Google Analytics set up and why it’s great.
  2. 03:43 – 06:32
    • Screenshare portion that outlines EXACTLY how to create a new Google Analytics property and install it onto your WordPress site.
  3. 06:33 – 11:19
    • Screenshare portion that shows you where to look at in the Google Analytics dashboard to get yourself started with exploring and starting to gain some insights.

Hope it’s helpful! I will be posting something else, extremely helpful tracking tip, soon – so make sure to stay tuned!

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