Kathleen Ventura on Living Intentionally Beyond Business

Kathleen Ventura is a high-performance coach, conscious consultant and TEDx speaker. Making a move that would terrify even the bravest of non-conformists, she quit her high-pressure sales job in 2012, sold everything, and set out to ride her bike across the United States.

After 2 years of perpetual travel, she found her calling as a coach and consultant. Kathleen supports influencers—entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities—who are crushing it professionally and realize they need to be more intentional about creating a lifestyle full of things they desire beyond business for their success to be both sustainable and fulfilling.

1:15 Kathleen was in her mid 20’s working a high pressure sales job in Chicago just prior to the recession.  She had never planned to be in that kind of job and soon realized she was sick of the endless cycle of endless work.  She and her husband decided to sell their posessions, quit their jobs and begin travelling nomadically around the world. 

3:52 Kathleen and her husband then lived in various countries over the next two years.  It was while they were spending time in Portugal that Kathleen had what she calls an “independent woman breakdown.”  She had been working non-stop since she was fifteen and now was simply spending money with nothing coming in.  She felt this was irresponsible. So she decided that it was time to re-enter the workforce.

5:30  Kathleen knew that many of her friends and family were unhappy with their working lives and realized that she could play a role in helping people to accomplish their goals.  Since that realization she has spent the last five years building a coaching business.

7:50 Kathleen wanted to help woman live “intentional lives”.  She began life-coaching entrepreneurs but had never incorporated her principals as an environmentalist and feminist.  Slowly over time she realized that keeping her work and personal lives separate was a mistake.  If she wasn’t part of the solution, she was part of the problem.

13:13 Kathleen likes to ask her clients about their personal values..  What are the things they know that they wish others knew?  Does it have to do with malnutrition? Climate change? Gender inequality?  Once that is established she helps her clients to effect positive change. 

15:20 In a world where Kim Kardashian sells lipstick on Instagram Kathleen wonders what would happen if similarly high-profile influencers were trying to effect positive change in the world.  Incorporating positive things you are doing in your life into your personal brand is the way to change the world.

18:10 The public is fully on-board with the idea of paying more for responsibly produced products.   Millennials are becoming more and more loyal to products and services produced by progressive companies.  There is always a risk those values will alienate some but those that remaining will be much more passionate about those companies.

22:25 Kathleen hesitated about being more open about her personal values as a vegetarian and environmentalist.  She didn’t want to put her beliefs in peoples face because she was worried about putting people off.  She wanted to be a role model rather than someone waving their finger.  To do that she began to re-educate herself about the basis of her own beliefs to make sure she had all her facts in order.

26:38 Kathleen believes that people need to see themselves in you.  You can’t be an unreachable personality.  You have to start where you can.  You don’t immediately become a perfect vegetarian or a perfect environmentalist overnight.  Be gentle with yourself.  All that’s important is doing something.

29:00 What is the one thing you know that you wish others knew?  It’s the question that Kathleen believes will guide you to the issue you should be focusing on in your personal life and on your social media presence.  “Success is a few small things you focus on every day.”

32:00 Kathleen has a gift for listeners.  It’s a 21-day Earth Day challenge that can provides a guide about how to live a more sustainable life.  You can find that at kathleenventura.com/EarthDay





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