Strategic Planning. Powerful Results.
For badass entrepreneurs who are ready to BLOW UP ONLINE in 2017!
Strategic Planning. Powerful Results.
in San Diego, California | February 22 - 23, 2017
For badass entrepreneurs who are ready to BLOW UP ONLINE in 2017!
(without losing months of sleep, money and sanity!)

Do you ever get frustrated looking at all of the online rockstars launching their online programs and getting 6 and 7 figure sales. You try launching and the results are not as exciting as you thought they would be…

Technology has blown-up in your face.

You find yourself on call 24/7 to put out fires.

Worst of all, you find out afterwards that you didn’t put the offer in front of the right people (or the right amount of people).

You spent so much money on Facebook Ads thinking it would be your one stop shop for filling the program, and you either hardly broke even or are in the hole.

Regardless of whether you hit your goal or not, you feel drained, exhausted and absolutely cringe when hearing the “L” word.

You know that you need to scale your business, you know that launching is the way to do it and you know that there is a better way (obviously - because others are making bank while you’re left scratching your head).

But you just haven’t found it yet.

Well my friend, what about this:

What if you could take the 2-3 months of planning that a big launch requires and shrink it down into 2 power days - without sacrificing quality, strategy or results?

What if you could get the mentorship of the best experts in Marketing, Sales and Project Management, along with ability to mastermind with high level online entrepreneurs?

Your go-to gals for everything launch planning related

Together they have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs in the online space launching multiple 6 and 7 figure programs.

Kamila is your marketing everything. 

She takes your personality and unique brand and creates a uniquely aligned marketing plan that works for your goals, offers, and level in business (that grows your authority while expanding your reach).

Nicole takes that brilliant strategy and creates a magic project plan for you and your team.

She makes sure your plan makes sense with your goals, your timeline, and your business so you can implement in a way that actually feels good (and get results to match!).

Separately they’ve worked with some of the top names in the online industry you already know and love.

For the first time ever, they’re combining their brilliance to bring you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the strategy and plan for YOUR wildly successful launch.
Mad Love for our Hosts
Kamila is, hands down, THE coach you want to have in your corner of the ring when it comes to marketing. In less than a month, she helped me build my list on a new program from 50 to 550 people – at less than $2 per lead. With her help was able to enroll 15 people in our online program. What’s even more exciting is that hail from all around the world – from Australia, to Amsterdam to Reno. Don’t wait till you “have the money” to get help. I highly recommend working with Kamila at the beginning of your next big launch.
-  LeeAnn Mallorie
Nicole helped me pick up all the scattered pieces of my past launches and worked with me to organize everything in such a clear and concise way that there was no guesswork involved. It honestly felt like the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that I had someone who I could trust to support me with both the big picture launch strategy and managing the nitty gritty tasks required along the way.
- Lexi D'Angelo
Well, over the course of these 2 high-impact,
action-infused days, you will:
  • The most effective marketing strategies that fit your specific goals, so you can confidently launch your program with more ease, flow, and certainty
  • A detailed A-Z marketing plan that will allow you to reach the rockstar goals you set for your launch
  • Specific action steps to get the right people to know about, get excited about, and BUY your program, regardless of what industry you’re in.
  • Once you have the marketing plan down solid, you’ll break it down into an easily digestible project plan that shows you what needs to get done, when it needs to happen and who needs to do it.
  • A realistic timeline so that you and your team don’t feel stretched too thin.
  • A gameplan for knowing exactly who you need to hire and when you need to hire them in order to get this baby launched! (and don’t burn out trying to do too much on your own...)
But that’s not all…

You will also hear from two high level experts who will make your launch complete.

Special Guest Speakers
Making Sales during Your Launch

Once you have that rockstar marketing strategy and a fully mapped project plan, you need to make sure you can handle the leads and prospects you’ll be getting who are interested in your program. If you get all the people interested, but you bomb at sales… well, you bomb the launch. That’s why we’re bringing in Laura Wright, who is everything epic at sales. She will show you the way to get more sales in a way that’s easy, graceful, and fun.

Copywriting for your Launch

A crucial part of marketing your launch is the copy you write. Shitty copy can take a great strategy and make it significantly less effective. That’s why we’re bringing in Lauren Vanessa Zink, a launch copywriter, to give you the scoop on writing copy that converts.

Lauren Vanessa Zink has coached, mentored and written for more than 500 entrepreneurs and small business owners, including New York Times bestselling authors, multi-6-figure and 7-figure coaches and start-up dynamos. She’s been featured on Get Rich, Lucky Bitch,, and Biz Rocks Magazine.

So let’s recap...

High-level events like these typically cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Separately, you’d have to pay at least $5,000 to each Kamila and Nicole to spend a day with you mapping this out privately.

We have people reaching out to us every day wanting support with their launch strategy and project plans. The truth is that we don’t have the bandwidth to take on everyone privately, yet we know there is a need and we know we want to serve you and get you the results you’re looking for.

That’s why we created this 2 day live workshop. We have seen the power of bringing an intimate group of high level entrepreneurs together to create the breakthroughs needed to have a successful and profitable online program launch.

The regular price of this IN-PERSON workshop was $1497.

However, we want to honor action takers 
who couldn't join us live during this 2017 live workshop...

... so you can join us VIRTUALLY 
& grab the session recordings for only....
(get access to all recordings!)

Regular Price: $297 (one time fee!)

just $197 
(Grab your ticket now to start watching the event recordings immediately!)

Kamila Gornia is a powerhouse digital marketing strategist for modern entrepreneurs who wanna get seen + get paid online doing what they love so they become leaders in their space and blow up the Internet with their message.

An unapologetically edgy tattooed redhead who values real results and keepin’ it real, Kamila’s on a mission to help other passionate, driven entrepreneurs spread their unique message to a broader audience with digital marketing. (Or, as she calls it, scale up and blow up).

From growing her very first website (at the ripe age of 12) to 40K views in under 5 months to running a successful wellness blog with over 45,000 monthly readers and 100K views per month (and selling it later for thousands), Kamila has street cred when it comes to creating consistent revenue streams with effective marketing and list-building. She has has been behind-the-scenes providing strategy for numerous six figure launches for online coaches, as well as creating her own successful launches.

Today, she’s packaged up everything she knows from 10 years in the digital game to help small businesses with heart behind their hustle grow their fans, followers and funds with her tried-and-true strategies, with killer marketing consulting services and sought-after e-courses.


Nicole Jackson runs a boutique project management agency that launches projects for superstar entrepreneurs who know their time is better spent on the big picture than the intimate details.
Nicknamed “The Project Designer” for her special brand of high-touch, extra supportive management style, Nicole’s on a mission to show people exactly how happy + fulfilled they can be when they’re playing in their zone of genius (not trying to handle everything at once).

From her 10 years of project management experience negotiating million dollar deals for major TV networks, overseeing 6- and 7-figure launches online and even orchestrating the behind-the-scenes magic of the Beijing Olympics, Nicole has the technical prowess and eagle eye of an industry pro wrapped in a classy, champagne-toasting package.

Today she uses her superpowers to arrange high-end launches and train other project managers on how to create elegant experiences for their own clients.

Charm Fernandez

Carol Donahoe

Katya Sarmiento

This LIVE workshop is for you if…
  • You want to launch your amazing course, program, or another offering, online.
  • You’ve launched before and you’re ready to go big.
  • You have a product or program to sell and your people love it.
  • You have an online based business.
  • You’re launching a group program, course or digital product. 
  • You are planning a LIVE launch.
This is NOT for you if…
  • You don't really understand marketing or launching, like, at ALL. What's launching?
  • You don't have a package or offer you want to sell online.
  • You ONLY want to sell your thing through a fully-automated evergreen launch (we will mostly be talking about LIVE launches during this workshop).
Nicole is an incredible project manager, who is always thinking (and working) 10 steps ahead. She provides white-glove service, and takes true ownership and initiative. It’s such a relief to know that my most important projects are in good, trusted hands!

Nicole is excellent at spotting problems or inefficiencies. Even better, she proactively solves them and puts new systems in place, so they don’t happen again.

When it comes to big projects and launches, so much is at stake! That’s why I hire the best, and the best is Nicole and her team at The Project Designer.
-  Selena Soo
I have been in the online space for many years and, at one point, considered myself an expert on Facebook, building an audience and being able to "trick" the algorithms. 

The space has shifted (as we know) and I was left not knowing how to really leverage Facebook advertising and I was missing the boat. 

Kamila was able to really explain and clarify the sequencing to help me with my launch, give me some amazing feedback on my strategy and my sales pages, and helped me feel more confident in using ads to grow my list and my launch. She has a high level of knowledge, being able to break it down for someone like me, who doesn't. I can't say enough about the help I received going forward.
- Danny J Johnson
What if I'm not ready for a BIG launch yet? 
No worries. The things we’ll talk about during the workshop will be relevant to you whether you want to create a five figure launch OR a six figure launch, anytime in 2017 and beyond. Yay! Time for big profitable magic!
I’m a coach/consultant, and I don’t sell digital products yet. Is this right for me?
Absolutely! You don’t have to sell digital products to understand how to plan a successful launch. If you sell group programs, masterminds, or even one-on-one packages, planning a successful launch will allow you to get more clients in the door, for a longer term so you don’t have to worry about being in enrollment every month. In fact, Kamila specializes in group program launches and it’s one of the key she teaches her high-level clients to getting to a leveraged high-income success.
What if I've never launched before? Is this a good fit for me?
This event is best for entrepreneurs who HAVE launched something online before, whether it's an online program, course, group coaching program, retreat, or something else. However, if you have never launched for yourself, but you would consider yourself to be fairly well-versed in online marketing, or maybe you have been behind launches for other entrepreneurs, and now you're ready to launch yourself, this may be a good fit. If you're not sure, just send us a message and we'll talk and see if it's a good fit.
(get access to all recordings!)

Regular Price: $297 (one time fee!)

just $197 one time
(Grab your ticket now to start watching the event recordings immediately!)
We know that launching can be scary. 

Our clients have been there and we’ve been there, too. 

What we’ve learned from our years of experience, is that you can’t let your fears and past experiences deter you from getting to the the next level in your business. 

Having a successful, profitable launch can take you from coasting month to month to achieving rockstar status super fast. It has for others. And it can for you too. 
(get access to all recordings!)

Regular Price: $297 (one time fee!)

just $197 one time
(Grab your ticket now to start watching the event recordings immediately!)
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