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Authority Launcher LIVE EVENT
Skyrocket Your Revenue, Results, and Reach to #BlowUpOnline 
+ Get Seen as THE Authority In Your Business and Your Industry
Grab Your Virtual Recording Pass:
Does any of this sound familiar?
💎 You're a big-hearted passionate entrepreneur who knows their shit, but despite your drive, you still feel more like a hidden gem rather than an influencer... 

💎 You know you have the "potential" to do great BIG things in the world, but you're not quite sure how to get out there in an effective powerful way that connects with your ideal audience (and makes the impact you desire!).

💎 You’re still trying to crack the “Marketing” code, feeling like your marketing results range from "completely invisible" to "unclear and inconsistent" (and wishing this could just feel EASIER already!)

💎 You feel like your visibility needs a makeover, your posts are getting little to no attention, your sales are stagnant, and your authority status? Nonexistent. You’re wondering what could possibly make you look like an expert in your clients eyes, when you feel like a total “fraud” half the time.

💎 You’re posting online here and there, but with each comment you get (if any), you’re wondering WHY no one seems to care enough to reach out, hire you, so you can skip off into the sunset like dozens of the successful entrepreneurs you see online. Wondering, "Why not me?! What's wrong with me?!"

💎 You’re not entirely happy with your bank account, and know you have the potential to make it skyrocket - you’ve seen so many people online do it - but you’re not sure how to make it happen for you, too.
What if THIS was your reality instead?
💥 Growing you list by thousands of new eager leads every month, who are excited, willing, and able to buy your products and services.

💥 Being seen as THE authority in your space, no matter how niche or crowded it may be, and knowing that your audience trusts you so much THEY become your advocates and they share your work with the world (going viral, baby!).

💥 Breaking through to six and multiple six figures in your business, knowing that your passion has finally turned to profit, and you can not only support it, it can support YOU and your FAMILY, too.

💥 Getting invitations to show up in podcasts, features in articles, telesummits, and more - as the voice of your industry online (and beyond) and knowing you’re able to impact millions of people around the globe with your business - even though you’re operating just from your laptop!

💥 Having the ability to travel for leisure (and work), speaking at events, and connecting with other high-level influencers and rockstars YOU admire (and they’re be happy to meet YOU, too!)
All of that? It’s possible for you, too.
And I want you to know… it’s not your fault that you’re not where you want to be yet! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

I know how it’s like to feel the fear, the confusion, the overwhelm, and the utter frustration at not moving forward in the way you desire.

You have such a deep mission and passion inside of you… I know you do! You know it, too. But as big-hearted passionate entrepreneurs, it’s often really damn hard for us to stay the route and not get swept up in the process.

Because entrepreneurship isn’t easy. 

It requires persistence.
It requires consistency.
It requires passion.
It requires tenacity.
It requires grit.

And it also requires us to STAND STRONG in what we desire and not waver from it. It’s about standing in our strength, in our power, and operating from that hidden place within us that already KNOWS how to crush it - how to bring in the attention, the results, the impact.

Because you’ve been doing your work for long enough. You have the experience. You know what you’re doing. Now isn’t it time the WORLD knew it too? 

Isn't it time for you to HELP PEOPLE in a GLOBAL SCALE? 

You know you’re meant for this. You can feel it in your bones.
That passion? That drive? That deep burning desire? 
It’s running through your veins.

I know because I feel it, too. 

And here’s the thing:

You’re just not any ol’ entrepreneur. You’re not someone who just starts a business for the sake of making money. You want the money AND the satisfaction AND the happiness AND the impact.

Well guess what? YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! 

I want to help you. Because you? 
You're not like anyone else out there.
An Authority-in-the-Making. A Thought-Leader-To-Be.

And when you step into your Authority Self in your daily business and marketing? Your brilliance SHINES through. You stand stronger, you LOVE your work more, you get to work in your creative genius zone, all.the.damn.time, and it feels SO good. 

And best of all? Clients and opportunities will seem to be coming your way from EVERYWHERE. Seriously. 

It blows my mind every time my clients share with me how they are just coming into opportunities, partnerships, clients… and it’s like they’re just CALLING THAT IN. They’re manifesting it into existence.

And that’s how life is when you’re living in your Authority Self.

From working with Kamila, I've been able to guarantee 6 months of income for myself, which means peace of mind. I'm definitely more confident knowing that my business model now ensures I succeed financially. It allowed me to be open about my business, my insecurities, and my dreams and receive the best advice possible from Kamila. She seriously knows her stuff and I absolutely love working with her! 

Jillian Adriana, Graphic Designer

"Kamila is, hands down, THE coach you want to have in your corner of the ring when it comes to marketing. In less than a month, she helped me build my list on a new program, The Corporate Dance Maven, from 50 to 550 people. There is no way I could have grown our community this quickly by myself. With her help was able to enroll 15 people in our beta online course. What’s even more exciting is that hail from all around the world – from Australia, to Amsterdam to Reno. Don’t wait till you “have the money” to get help. I highly recommend working with Kamila!"

Leeann Mallorie, The Corporate Dance Maven
Listen, I know how you feel. 

I know how it’s like to have that deep burning desire to make an impact (it’s why you started your business in the first place, isn’t it?), but feeling like you just can’t.seem.to get this thing off the ground.

I get it! When I first started, I was after every shiny object, reading blogs and articles and watching videos for several hours each day dreaming of growing my business, but each strategy felt sleazier and weirder than the next. 

I’ve implemented dozens, if not hundreds of tactics over the course of my two online businesses, with varying degrees of success. 
But the most frustrating thing? Was the none of these tactics or strategies were really feeling all that aligned. None of them felt all that…. good. 

And none of them took into consideration that I? was not like anyone else. I was weird. I was different. I wanted to be creative and innovative in my marketing and business strategies. I didn’t want to fit into another box. That’s what corporate was for. I was done with that.

And then I thought… well, what if I don’t have to fit in?

What if I COULD find a way to use what’s the most effective in marketing today and turn it to be aligned with my big passionate drive and my unique self, and just do things my OWN way?!

Well, I decided to do just that. 

I ran campaigns. I grew my list. I got clients. I got sales.
And within 15 months, I exceeded six figures in my brand new online business.

And now, 3 years later? I just closed on a $300k year and now I’m moving toward a half a million dollars, and then next year?

A million dollar business by the time I turn 29. 

Doing it MY WAY. Showing up MY way. Talking about what I WANT. 
And being unapologetically ME. 

And guess what? It feels good not to have to conform. 

I know you'll thrive when you let yourself do the same. 
With creativity AND strategy. Together.
With heart behind the hustle.

Because this?
... is The Authority Marketing Movement 
for massive impact with heart behind the hustle!
It’s where you get to make strategic and creative decisions on how to bring out the BEST PARTS of you, be 100% confident in yourself and your expertise, and helping MILLIONS of people AROUND THE WORLD with your work.

Your gifts aren’t meant to stay hidden. Don’t rob people who NEED YOU DESPERATELY from their opportunity to be impacted by you and your work. 

It starts now.
It starts in person.
It starts with a commitment.

It starts at the Authority Launcher LIVE event.
Skyrocket Your Revenue, Results, and Reach to #BlowUpOnline 
+ Get Seen as THE Authority In Your Business and Your Industry
For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Be Seen As Authorities
And Thought Leaders In Their Industry
Unlike most events that are filled with boring baseless generic information you already know, Authority Launcher LIVE is basically the opposite of that. 

If you’ve ever been in any of my programs, you know that my personal commitment to my clients is that they come in and walk out WITH TANGIBLE STEPS to move forward. 

Because to create massive results? You need two things: 
1) the tangible marketing and business strategy piece, 
2) the Authority mindset and energy piece. 

In this event, I’m providing you with the tools to get both.
You will learn things such as:

⭐️🔥 Authority Mindset, Confidence & Branding Hacks for Increased Influence & Impact

⭐️🔥 Authority-Driven Marketing and Creating a Leverage-Style Business Strategy

⭐️🔥 Credibility Boosters That Accelerate Your Social Proof, Trust, and Connection

⭐️🔥 Establish Security in Your Business and Increasing Your Revenue (While Working LESS!)

⭐️🔥 Creating Sales On Demand (Being So Good Your Clients Want to BUY IT ALL from you!)

⭐️🔥 Becoming a Content Machine (Even if You Hate Writing OR Have Visibility Blocks)

⭐️🔥 And much, much more....

Not only will you get specific actionable strategy to BLOW UP ONLINE in your business as THE Authority you are, you will also get the essential mindset advice and habits to adopt to step into your Authority Self in a much more smooth, flowing, and POWERFUL way.

Alright, so let’s break down what’s happening during Authority Launcher LIVE to help you illustrate our experience a bit more….
AM session - How to step into leadership in your business to get seen (and paid) as an Authority Leader + develop a solid Brand around YOU. 

AM session - Holly Diedrich, Business Coach & Sparklepreneur: How to Use Instagram Marketing to Grow Your Brand.

AM session - Become a Content Generation Machine and never run out of content ideas to connect with your ideal audience online (and off) 

PM session - Connecting your content with your outcomes - Insights 

PM session - Stacking revenue model that supports your lifestyle for a six figure business, how to structure your sales to create projected income.

PM session - Creating your marketing map for your growth online, how to use marketing to create more visibility and deep connection (and sales) in your business

PM session - Powerful Inner Guidance Exercise to Step Into Becoming an Authority in Business / Marketing with Ease and Flow

PM session - Maximizing your results in your marketing to skyrocket your revenue, reach, and results in business. 
By the time we're done? 
You won’t ever look at your marketing or business the same AGAIN.

That’s my promise. And I’m sticking to it.

"Kamila is a powerhouse both online and in person. At her Chicago mastermind, she shared so much value and was incredibly generous with her time, helping each attendee hash out their biz challenges and leave with a plan of action. Whether it be in a blog post, video or an in person event, Kamila's experience and personality allows her to get her point across, which helps you GET SH*T DONE in your business!"

Lori Streator, Breakthrough Mind & Body

"Kamila is awesome! I participated in a hot seat session with Kamila in her in-person mastermind event in Chicago. At first I thought we were going to discuss my business and she was going to give me a few tips to improve. Wrong! In just 15 minutes, she gave me a clear strategy on how to position my offerings and what to price them. I was able to implement this right away. She didn’t hold back. I know some coaches give you “busy work” and let you figure it out. Kamila is all about action and no b.s. Before my session, she didn’t know me or my business, but quickly came up with plan of action like it was her own business. She’s completely transparent and genuine and if she doesn’t think something is working, she’ll let you know. I really appreciate that about her."

Tiffany English, Velvetstyle Events & Marketing
But listen: This event is not for everyone....
This event is perfect for: 

🔥 The passionate entrepreneur who knows their shit and is ready to make their marketing and business growth journey feel A LOT more in-flow and on-fire than ever before

🔥 Someone who is ready to ditch their excuses and BS and is willing to get just a little bit uncomfortable if it means bringing MASSIVE shifts and results in your business

🔥 A committed entrepreneur who knows deep inside that they are meant for MORE: more money, more freedom, more impact, more satisfaction, more overall yumminess in their business (and life).

🔥 Someone who is willing to look outside the box and play in their business FULL OUT, with incredible marketing that FEELS DAMN GOOD too!
Who this event is NOT for:

⚠️ Complainers and people in their victim mode - 
I feel you, but my energy will probably just annoy you. I have the tendency to call you to on your BS. Unless you’re willing to step outside of the confines of your limiting beliefs, this won't be fun for you.

⚠️ People who have no experience in the area of their work. For example, if you want to be a coach but have zero experience with coaching or counseling or something around that area, this isn’t the event for you, since you aren’t ready to step being an Authority quite yet (you need to get experience first!). Get out there, get some experience so you can form your own ways of doing things, and then come back to me :-)

⚠️ People who aren't ready to step into their POWER and want to hold onto their excuses forever

"Kamila has ROCKED my business! I've branded my signature process, my prospects love how I've laid it out AND my free initial consultations have rocked! I follow Kamila's system every time and have gotten a ton of business lately. So thank you!!! I can directly pinpoint it to this process. I've left my job and I'm now LOVING life as a full-time entrepreneur!"

Becca Gruenspan, RG Adoption Consulting

"Through working with Kamila, one of the number one differences I noticed was that the number of Strategy Sessions I was getting nearly doubled from just one tweak Kamila shared with me. The other thing is that my group program SOLD OUT! Working with Kamila really improved the way we do business: The level of efficiency with how we offer strategy calls; We were able to reach an entirely new audience through Facebook ads and reconnect with many that were already in our community. At the end of the day it's about making a bigger difference and reaching as many people as we can which Kamila and her team helped us do! I would absolutely recommend Kamila to other business owners! Kamila's brilliant and her ability to troubleshoot and strategize was impressive."

Jackie Kotei, Publicity & Media Strategist
So here’s the thing:

When I work with clients privately, they pay me $7,500 -$10,000 for just two days of intensive work together during a VIP Weekend. 

In the past, my live events have cost anywhere from $497 up to $5,000 per ticket.

So you see, this entire event could be going for anywhere from $1,000 up to $5,000+. 

The bonuses alone are worth $391+.  

Not only will you be getting top-notch marketing overhaul, you’ll also get to meet with other incredible authorities-in-the-making who are making waves in the world. 

BUT since you’re here EARLY, I want to reward you for that. 

You know I just LOVE my fast action taker clients (cause I am one, too!) and as an entrepreneur making fast decisions will lead you FAR!

(Grab your ticket now to start watching the event recordings immediately!)

Why NOW?
Number ONE - There is no need for you to struggle one more moment with getting your message out there, to finally get SEEN online and get PAID the way you deserve - to step into your Authority status. Each time you step out, it should feel SO GOOD, plus knowing that you are making a huge difference in the world! And you'll be able to see and feel it.

There is also something magical about this time of year. It's the beginning of summer, and most people think "Let me take some time off." 

When most of the world is slacking off getting ready to be in “vacation mode,” I’ve noticed many of my 6 and 7 Figure clients CRUSHING IT, plus they still have time for vacations, fun, beach, and more - could we all love a good summer swim. You can have it when you do it in the right way.

This is about success in a heart-driven way, hustle with purpose. Doing the WORK with heart behind the hustle, so you can create a leverage-based business that serves YOU and YOUR clients. So in the future? You can take ALL the vacations you want, whenever you want!

This can be your year to do things differently - putting your business as a priority NOW to be with your family all year long.
“Something that I love about Kamila is that she has this no-bullshit approach to business and marketing (and life in general) and it’s totally refreshing! Kamila customizes things in a way that works for you and is unique to what you’re dealing with, it’s completely tossing the cookie-cutter solutions to the side. I usually get bored when I’m at events and people present things, but Kamila presents things in a really approachable way and gives you so much incredible information that you can actually then go and implement so easily!
Lexi D'Angelo, Biz Woo School
“From working with Kamila, I’ve upleveled my plan entirely. As soon as I heard her talking, I realized I was playing things SO safe! I changed my entire marketing campaign. If you’re looking to bust through your blocks around marketing, I would highly recommend you go to an event by Kamila, because she’s gonna take you PAST where you think you wanna go, and no matter how long you’ve been doing it, she’s going to have new ideas for your to try.”
Kristen Jett, Soulful Business Strategist

“I manifested working with Kamila! She was a lifesaver, she showed up right on time when I needed her: 3 months into working together, we'd grown my list by 600%, I launched my first course around my book, and landed on Amazon best-sellers list within days of being published from building an engaged tribe!”

Suzanne Adams, best-selling author of Musings of an Earth Angel

“Since starting working with Kamila, I’ve over doubled my list, got more opt-ins going, monthly webinars, a guest blogging gig, and I’ve had my best month yet with over $10k of sales and I can see a steady stream of clients. I also feel like I’m getting a better handle on FB ads a well thanks to Kamila! And I’m only a few of months in!”

Beverly Sartain, Recovery Life Management
(Grab your ticket now to start watching the event recordings immediately!)

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