Never stop blowing your own mind.

Always lead, never follow.
Get comfortable with your influence. Influence = income and impact.

Fun deserves a spot on your To Do List.

“Safe” isn’t a business strategy.

(Some) rules are meant to be broken.
Conformity is a swagger-killer.

Self expression and creativity are

Let your life be your art.

You’re allowed to own it.

You are MEANT to stand out.

Wild is wonderful. Fierce is fabulous.

Your stories are share-worthy.

No one truly interesting is ever universally liked.

It’s your right to fucking love your business.

You deserve to get seen and get paid.

Ambition over everything.

Stop squashing your own brilliance.

We are not meant to hide. We’re meant to shine.

“Stiff” is for hard liquor – not your life’s work.

Stay excited about your work so your clients stay excited about you.

You do NOT have to fit anyone else’s mold.

You deserve to see your wild creative dream become a tangible, profitable reality.

Eliminate “failure” from your business vernacular.
Treat everything like an (exciting) experiment.

Always. Keep. Learning.

More visibility = more possibility.

Marketing gives structure and scalability to your message.

Treat your tribe like gold.

Scaling up does NOT have to mean watering down. Hell. No.


Expression and creativity. Always.

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