My re-publishing policy

If you see something on my site that you like, whether it’s a quote from a blog post or an image I created or mention a product I sell, go for it. You don’t have to ask permission. Spread the love. However, I do ask that you do not EDIT it, claim it as your own, and that you give credit by linking back to my site 🙂

That’s all I ask.

My order policy

We accept all credit and debit cards for payments, from most countries. We do not accept Paypal as a form of payment for subscription based purchases. We may accept Paypal for one-off purchases, some of the time during campaign periods. This is determined at discretion of company. operates as Kamila Social, LLC.

My refund policy

No refunds unless otherwise specified, so make sure you really want something before you buy it, whether it’s one-on-one time with me, a group program, or a digital product. Even if you do not use up the sessions with me that were included in the package, I’m unable to give you a refund for the unused time. If want to back out from continuing an agreement and cancel it, please check our Client Service Agreement to see what the special terms are for cancellation in our contract.

The no-refund policy includes any deposits you pay for working together and holding your spot on my calendar, unless we specifically say it’s a refundable deposit then please assume your deposits are non-refundable.

There may be special guarantees and refund policies outlined for each of my digital products. This would be featured on the sales page so check that first. If there is a specific refund policy outlined for a product, that’s the one we will follow.

My cancellation/reschedule policy

I respect your time. So I show up on time. All I ask is that you respect mine too. If you cannot make our scheduled call, please let me know ahead of time ideally within 24 hours of the call.

If you do not let me know you won’t be making the call and I’m waiting for 10 minutes = missed call. Missed calls cannot be made up. I don’t like wasting time and when you don’t even let me know you can’t make it, that’s basically you disrespecting me and wasting my time.

And it’s not cool.

My advertising/guest posting/affiliate policy

Some of the links on the website may be affiliate links to products I believe in and use. I do not recommend products I haven’t put trust in, used myself, and/or believe is a kick ass product/service. Word.

I do not currently accept any guest writers for my site so you don’t even have to ask.

I do not and will not have any type of banner ads anywhere on the site from third party advertising networks.

Interview/JV policy

If you are interested in interviewing me for your podcast, blog, TV show, article, etc – that’s awesome. I’d be happy to chat more to see whether it’s something that I would be a good fit for. I usually welcome interview invitations with open arms but sometimes life gets in the way and I might not have the capacity to do them. Regardless, you won’t know unless you ask. You can contact us here and my lovely assistant will get back to you.

If you are interested in partnering on a collaboration, let me know the details of what that is. The more details the better. This will help me decide whether this is the right opportunity for me at this point in time. You can contact me here.