What kind of results have we gotten before?

0 to nearly 1200 subscribers in 2 months

One of Kamila’s clients, a celebrity chiropractor, has been able to bring his business online with a coaching service that we had launched. We went from 0 to nearly 1200 subscribers in 2 months with two iterations of free challenge plus sales calls that resulted in several high-end clients for his first online group program.

Amazon’s best seller’s list

Suzanne Adams is a fiction author and life purpose consultant and we were able to grow her email list by 600%, launch her course, and plus launch her new book landing her on the Amazon’s best seller’s list in her category. She says “I manifested working with you” in her recent interview with Kamila.

100K page views per month, 45K monthly readers

Kamila Gornia is the founder of a wellness living food blog, Sensual Appeal, which she was able to grow to get 100K page views per month, 45K monthly readers, and generate a 5 figure income all without an ad budget and only committing a couple of hours a week to its growth. She has recently sold the blog to someone else for several thousand dollars to focus on her marketing business.

1,500 HOT new leads with ZERO ad spend

During Kamila’s telesummit, Grow Your List By Thousands, she was able to generate 1,500 HOT leads to her email list, get more than 100 of those leads to become immediate buyers (generating nearly $4K in revenue right off the bat), and adding several new clients to her group program and private client roster. The telesummit was one of the major ways she has been able to pinpoint to a shift in the growth she’s experienced over the last year.

Launched new course

One of Kamila’s clients, Lori Streator, has been able to quadruple her email list with a time-bound opt-in offer (free challenge) that lead to a launch to her course. She’d gotten wonderful results from people, more engagement and invaluable feedback from people who now see her as an authority. She has been able to grow her list by 4x, get more discovery calls as a result, and therefore more clients as well.

Partnerships & More Clients

One of Kamila’s students, Alisha Leytem, a yoga teacher and wellness coach, has been able to double her list and get a 7% conversion to sales from a telesummit she has recently hosted. She had such a great turnaround, she has decided to host the telesummit on a yearly basis which will eventually segway into a live event. She has been able to grow some great partnerships in the meantime and pick up more clients as well.