When Shit Hits the Fan In Your Business

I recently spoke with one of my students and she mentioned the utter frustration she was feeing because everything seemed to be going wrong for her in her business.

She knew she wanted more clients – but then her kid got sick, she got a flat tire, and time escaped her making it difficult to follow through.

She had the plan for her sales funnel mapped out and ready – but her website hosting was going crazy and WordPress was playing tricks on her.

She had interviews scheduled to appear as an expert – but the hosts were late or cancelling or unresponsive.

One would call it “unlucky” or worse, that “it’s not meant to be.”

If you’ve ever felt like things were going against you, despite your passion and knowing that this is what you want to do in your life…

…. I want to tell you you’re not alone.

But the way you handle this can entirely shift how you approach business.


If you’re getting a feel that this is important, you bet your ass it is.


Listen: The world is not against you.

This may very well BE what you are indeed meant to do.

No it’s not Mercury Retrograde or whatever other astrological event you’re following nowadays.

It’s YOU. This is all about YOU.

In every entrepreneur’s life, we will come across situations like these. No, not just once. Several times. And you’ll begin to notice a pattern.

These “shit hits the fan” situations where everything seems to go wrong tend to happen riiiiight around the time when you’re about to make a breakthrough. A shift.

But the thing is? You don’t know it yet. Unless you shift your perception.



A couple of weeks ago, I was going through something similar as well. And I mean, it was BIZZARE!

I had just packed my life into two suitcases and moved to New York City all alone… excited about the possibility, with a deep knowing that THIS is the right next place for me to take my business higher.

But what happened when I moved?

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I got sick for 8 days.

The mic on my computer stopped working, preventing me from recording interviews for my virtual conference and doing Office Hours (without headache on how to fix it).

My phone began dropping calls with prospects and clients pretty much EVERY single time I had one scheduled.

My website randomly broke the URL I was pointing paid traffic to, causing thousands of people to see a “coming soon” page instead of an opt-in page.

ALLLL The links on my virtual conference page were randomly getting broken and we were getting bombarded by emails from attendees saying things are broken…

And to top it all off, I was hit with a five-figure tax bill (after expecting a refund) that nearly drained m entire business checking account dry.

Needless to say, I was stressed the fuck OUT.

I began to question what I was doing. Did I make the right choice moving here? Am I getting ahead of myself? What if I made the worst mistake of my life?

What if I’m not meant for this, after all?

Thankfully, because I’ve had this happen to me in the past already, plus with the support of my mentors, I immediately recognized what was going on.

It was the Universe. Testing me. Again.

Seeing if I’m truly ready for the next step, how committed I really am.

Because when shit hits the fan?

You have two options:

Option 1) Brush it off, hustle through and power to the next level like the Rockstar you are. “Bring it on Universe, you beautiful thing, you.”

Option 2) Get freaked out, paralyzed, doubtful… so much so that it stops you in your tracks, causing your business to stagnate, and soon after – decline. You consider quitting and sometimes, do.

This is a CRUCIAL time in your business.

If you do not recognize when this happens you may face huge reprucuctions.

THIS is where you show to the Universe (and YOURSELF) that yes, you are committed. There is NO other option than success for you. Because you are meant for this. You love this. YOU DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT!

This is how natural selection in the entrepreneurial world happens. The hobbyists fall behind, while the hustlers keep going. And win.

This is not an easy time. I’m not trying to say it’s easy. It feels like things just plain suck. That you suck. I get it.

But if you power through? Guess what waits for you on the other side:

First) You build up your character, showing yourself that you can do ANYTHING no matter what the world throws your way

Second) You UPLEVEL your business in a major way, getting to more profits, more visibility and more confidence, because you just proved to yourself that YOU DO have what it takes.

Things will turn around.

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From every bottom, the only way to go is up.

And up… and up…

Last time this happened for me?

I closed $20k in new clients within weeks, added 30 new members into my paid membership site I had just launched (quietly) and created a partnership with a multi-7 figure entrepreneur who’s been sending me the most perfect ideal clients, and I got booked to speak at a mastermind event in Hawaii.

But if I didn’t hustle through despite the challenges? I mean, I’d probably be back at home in Chicago, feeling sorry for myself. And that’s a big blow.

Listen: Nothing truly amazing was ever made in the comfort zone.

When shit hits the fan, you’re basically expanding yourself and stepping outside the comfort zone.

Your body and mind though, they want to keep you safe. Because let’s be honest: being in the comfort zone IS safe. Nothing bad happens here. You’re cozy and comfy and warm. It’s predictable. OUTSIDE the comfort zone? It’s a big bad unknown. It’s unexpected, it’s unpredictable, and it can be scary.

When you step outside your comfort zone, it manifests in your life. Then you have to the slayer of that. Show it who’s boss! (that’s you, by the way)

Because when you recognize when this happens, and become comfortable with the uncomfortable…

Well, you become unstoppable.

So… my friend…

What are YOU going to do when shit hits the fan?


Creating a plan is a big part of moving forward. I help my clients create a plan of action to take them from confused and overwhelmed to Rockstar status with streamlined marketing and business that helps them BLOW UP and SCALE UP their presence online. To learn more about working with me, click here.

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