The simple lesson Facebook can teach you about business growth

The simple lesson Facebook can teach you about business growth

“I freaking hate Facebook!”

She sighed, exasperated, as she shut down her laptop after yet another failed Facebook campaign.

Tired of seeing experts exclaim how wonderful social media can be for business, but not being able to see the results herself, she was just about done with wasting her precious time, money, and energy on yet another course or article teaching her how to use it “correctly.”

“It changes too much. I can’t keep up!”

She was frustrated, confused, overwhelmed – dreams of her coaching business taking off and giving her the freedom, adventure, and joy she craved, were slowly fading away as feelings of defeat came in to take their place.

“Who am I kidding? I suck at marketing. I’ll never be successful. I’m such a failure.”

Limiting beliefs and doubt creep in after mental exhaustion settles in. It was another long day. Nothing better to do now than have a glass of wine, some Rocky Road ice cream, and a House of Cards marathon to dull the pain.

Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon for today’s modern entrepreneurs. While you might consider yourself being “modern” because you’re not your typical start-up founder, local service company president, or brick and mortar store owner… that doesn’t always mean you have it all figured it out.

In fact, most online-based entrepreneurs do not have any tech background and very few have much tech knowledge at all. So how do many persevere and become successful despite all odds? How does someone thrive despite the ever-changing online world when technology or marketing is NOT the strong suit?

And how the heck does all of this tie back to Facebook?

The answer is quite simple:

Tenacity. Passion. Drive.

But also perhaps more importantly:

Willingness to experiment, optimize, and continue focusing on GROWTH.


You see, I’ve been using Facebook for business for several years now. I got my start professionally in marketing several years ago as a social media manager when a startup founder at my first internship noticed my passion for social media and he created a social media agency based on my expertise alone. (talk about a risky move, right? Haha)

I’m telling you this so you understand my history with social media. I’ve been using it for a long time. Or, long “internet” time anyway, since social media is still a relatively new thing anyway.

Regardless, I’ve seen Facebook go from being thebestfreakingthingeverandever where businesses could reach their fans super easily online (and all was well in the world) to today – where only about 2% of posts get seen by brand pages on Facebook and we need to allocate advertising budgets for our businesses to get traction online.

The good old days of free internet are gone. But that’s not why I’m talking to you about Facebook today.

Actually, I’m not talking to you about Facebook as a platform for use in marketing at all.

Today, my friend, I am talking about Facebook as a business.

And how amazing of a job they are doing. (oh no, I’m not being sarcastic)

It’s quite funny, actually.

I often hear people complaining about Facebook and how it’s changing all the time, and how it’s so unfair they don’t allow free advertising anymore, and on and on and on… And I’ll admit, I was on the giving end myself more than once. We’re only human, right?

And then, recently I somehow spontaneously had a change of perspective. I’m not quite sure what caused it but it made me finally see the full picture. The reality is – Facebook is fucking amazing.

Honestly. It blows my mind. They are utterly brilliant.

And it’s not just that they grew the social network to being the largest in the world, or that they were able to monetize it to the point that we are pretty much almost “forced” to use their advertising platform if we want fast online growth (without the confusion of Google AdWords), or that they are available on every device, website, and platform as a social login for added sense of trust between the third party and end user.

Although those things are also pretty damn impressive. But really? I am amazed at their level of dedication and passion to growth. That’s what makes me respect them so freaking much.

Because really, think about Myspace. Myspace wasn’t “alive” for 10 years. Tom was great and all but he created something and just left it be. And eventually, it ran its course and Facebook took over. Typical lifecycle stuff. People come and go. That’s normal.

But Facebook has been up and hoppin’ for more than 10 years now. And the crazy thing is – they keep getting better and better.

It’s not just that they are a social network. They started as one, sure.

But they have grown into a true platform and a hub for your life to be housed in, exactly aligned with what Zuckerberg’s vision was, revealed in 2014.

Zuck has gone against the natural lifecycle trend of apps and most social media sites by continuing to successfully re-evaluate, change, and innovate. He continued to add things, make things better, or just plain different. He added the elements to make it exciting and enticing to ALL audiences and it formed a place on the internet where we could always come back to and get everything we needed right there.

He wanted Facebook to become the hub of internet. And guess what?

We’re pretty much there.

  • Wanna play games? Facebook’s got ‘em.
  • Talk with your friends in other countries via instant chat? Facebook Messenger.
  • Oh but G.Chat and SMS texts allow for pictures and videos and Facebook Messenger doesn’t… Oh yeah? Solved.
  • Oh, but we can’t post pictures in comments or those smiley faces… Done now.
  • Okay okay – but I wanna watch videos. YouTube is really where it’s at. Really? Look again.
  • I wanna connect with like-minded people and feel a part of a community. Facebook groups, they gotchu.
  • No, I don’t need those “social” things – I just want my business to grow/ Drive traffic to a website/ Get more views on my promotional video. Easy. Done, done, and done.
  • Now now, I’ve gotta know when my product is getting shipped to me from an e-commerce store. I have that email confirmation somewhere in my inbox… Quit looking. Your Facebook Messenger will tell you (coming soon).
  • Or maybe I feel like taking a trip to Spain but don’t have the money but REALLY wanna feel like I’m there (like this guy). Crazy to say but this one’s gonna be solved too with Facebook’s “teleportation” spherical videos (also coming soon).

Really, I mean – do I even need to keep going?

I might sound like a complete nerd right now but honestly, do you see how much amazingness is contained within this platform? How much brain power and innovation and tenacity has gone into production and development of these features and functionalities within Facebook for it to allow to grow into the (beautiful) monster it is today?

You might not like it. You might not agree with it. But you better damn respect it, because regardless of whether you know how to use it right now or not – there is a very clear lesson in here:

  • Determination will get you places.
  • Drive will bring you to where you want to go.
  • If you follow your vision, magic can happen.
  • You can succeed and win even despite the odds.

Social media and online websites do NOT typically last as long as Facebook has. Everything is a phase. Everything is a trend. Especially online. And yet, Facebook has been able to “stay” on trend for more than 10 years and it continues to get better and better.

It’s a matter of being eager and willing to take risks and experiment with what’s already working… because that thing you might potentially wanna do? It might ACTUALLY be the thing that brings you EVEN closer to the next level of success.

Growth is the key to it all. It’s the key.

Because when you’re not growing, you’re not moving.
When you’re not moving, you’re stagnant.
And when you’re stagnant, you’re dead.

So don’t stop.

*drops mic*

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